11 Attractive Things To Do In Baltic States, Latvia, Estonia And Lithuania

The Baltic country has so many things to catch your eyes and mind. The top attractions are historic sites, typical architecture style, monuments, churches, museums, castles, National Parks, beaches, etc. Here is the list of top 10 things to do in the Baltic States.

1. Narva Castle, Estonia

Address: Peterburi maantee 2, 20308 Narva, Estonia.

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Narva Castle, Estonia Photo

This beautiful castle was built on the 13th century and worked as Danish King's vice- Regent. This is a well-preserved castle now and attracts a large number of people every year. There are a museum and display on handicrafts; from there you can understand the culture and history of Narva. Tall Hermann tower with 51 meters is another highlight of this Castle.

2. Lahemaa National Park, Estonia

Address: Estonia.

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Lahemaa National Park, Estonia Photo

Lahemaa National Park attracts you with its rich natural diversity located on Northern Estonia. While stretching 280 kms this is one of the largest parks in Europe. You can find the area is rich with flora & fauna, Laukasoo Reserve- a bog, some stunning trials by seeing rare wild lives, Nommeveski waterfall and 4 beautiful manors within the beauty of the forest.

3. Tallinn, Estonia

Address: Tallinn, Estonia.

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Tallinn, Estonia Photo

This Capital city of Estonia has so many things to offer includes Cobblestoned old town, a 15th Century defense town, historic churches, Gothic Town Hall, Min square in historic Tallinn and museums. This is one of the highest points of tourist destination in Estonia nowadays.

4. The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania

Address: Jurgaičiai 81439, Lithuania.

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The Hill of Crosses, Lithuania Photo

Here you will be surprised by seeing thousands of verities of crosses and rosaries from small to large made with wood and metal. Hill of Crosses is situated very near to the city of Siauliai. This is a popular pilgrimage site in Lithuania. It is believed that the first cross was found after 1981 Uprising.

5. Riga, Latvia

Address: Riga, Latvia.

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Riga, Latvia Photo

Riga is the Capital city of Latvia and considered as the largest also. The cultural hub of Latvia will surprise you with the beautiful Old Town with attractive architecture, the influence of German culture, wooden buildings, museums, art galleries, and the picture square views of the town are the amazing facts that will attract a large number of visitors every year to this beautiful city.

6. Vilnius, Lithuania

Address: Trakai 21142, Lithuania.

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Vilnius, Lithuania Photo

Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania is different from its baroque architecture. Here you can find an Old Town which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site, cobblestoned streets, neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral, sacred Virgin Mary icon, the Presidential Palace, Jewish quarters, Gediminas Tower.

7. Cesis, Latvia

Address: Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, Latvia.

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Cesis, Latvia Photo

This North Eastern town of Latvia is popular for its medieval castle. This castle was built by Livonian Brothers of the Sword in the 13th Century is the highest attraction of Latvia now. The stunning architectural style will amaze you. The fascinating things to see here are the wall paintings, towers with panoramic views, Christ Orthodox Church and a cemetery, dungeons, an old brewery in the Castle Park, a Castle Manor house exhibits art museums and Cesis history.

8. Jurmala, Latvia

Address: Jūrmala, Latvia.

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Jurmala, Latvia Photo

This is a stunning resort city in Latvia on the Gulf of Riga. The very long Jurmala white sand beach and cold blue water and entertaining water sports activities are the factors which will attract a large number of visitors to this beautiful resort city. This area is popular for wooden art nouveau seaside villas, Dzintari forest park, Jurmala city museum.

9. Trakai, Lithuania

Address: Trakai 21142, Lithuania.

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Trakai, Lithuania Photo

This is a popular historical town in Lithuania and highest attractions of this city include Trakai Historical National Park- the amazing natural beauty and middle you can find an Island Castle surrounded by Lake Galve, and the castle now functions as Trakai History museum with exhibitions of coins & crafts, archaeological exhibits, etc.

10. Gauja National Park, Latvia

Address: Latvia.

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Gauja National Park, Latvia Photo

This is the largest National park in Latvia is popular for many historical monuments. This Park is situated in the valley where Gauja River flows. The interesting things to visit here are Folk Song Park with Granite sculptures, Medieval Turaida Castle and its towering Museum reserve, Livonian Order castle in Sigulda town, Cesis Castle-Cesis town, churches, archaeological monuments, etc.

11. AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu, Estonia

Address: Sadama 1, 51004 Tartu, Estonia.

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AHHAA Science Centre, Tartu, Estonia Photo

AHHAA museum is a favorite destination for those who love science. This is the biggest science museum in the Baltic States and you will get the opportunity to understand science and technology. Even children are attracted by entertainment and learning activities.

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