Best Hiking Destinations Along Blue Ridge Parkway

Here are the wonderful trails you can explore along Blue Ridge Parkway

1. Graveyard Fields

Address: 15223-15305 Shannondale Rd, Purcellville, VA 20132, United States.

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It will take 3.2 miles to complete this hike. This hike makes you to enjoy some beautiful views of wild blueberries, waterfalls, and woodlands. You need to cross rivers and the top of upper falls would be your destinations and enjoy amazing natural beauty from here.

2. Mountain Farm Trail

Address: Humpback Rock, Rockfish, VA 22920, USA.

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You need to hike 5 miles to complete this trail and the final destination is Humpback Rocks Visitor Center. If you want to explore the historical facts about the site, take a visit to the visitor center. Another attraction of the trail is William J. Carter Farm and can enjoy a picnic with your favorite ones from here.

3. Devil’s Courthouse

Address: Devil's Courthouse, Gloucester, NC 28708, USA.

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This is a very short distance trail and you can enjoy the beautiful views of Western California from the top of the Courthouse. Even though the hike takes you to the uphill, but attract visitors with stunning views of valleys and breath- taking mountains.

4. Wigwam Falls

Address: Blue Ridge Pkwy, Montebello, VA 24464, United States.

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You need to follow a short Yankee Horse trail to reach the falls and will take nearly 4 miles to complete this trail. Wigwam Mountain and Wigwam falls are highest attraction of this trail. This is considered as a moderate trail and the fall is a small tributary.

5. Mount Pisgah

Address: Orange, VA 22960, United States.

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Hiking towards the summit of Mount Pisgah will take 3 miles and once you reach the summit you can enjoy the panoramic views of the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville, and Mount Mitchell. You can expect a rocky trail from here.

6. White Rock Falls

Address: Vesuvius, VA 24483, United States.

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This trail attracts visitors with some beautiful waterfalls, swimming holes, wooden bridges, mountains, etc. You can reach over here by less than 30 minutes from Iris Inn. This falls got this name because you can find plenty of quartz rock over here. This is considered a moderate hike and enjoys the unlimited beauty of nature while hiking over here.

7. Crabtree Falls

Address: Crabtree Falls, Massies Mill, VA 22976, USA.

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You need to cover 3.5-mile loop to complete this trail. This beautiful waterfalls from 70 feet from the top and attracts visitors with amazing natural beauty. If you are visiting in the spring season, enjoy the unlimited views of beautiful wildflowers.

8. Humpback Rocks Loop

Address: Humpback Rock, Rockfish, VA 22920, USA.

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You need to cover 4.2 miles to complete this trail. This is one of the challenging hikes you can expect but the views from the top of the summit are wordless to explain. Popular views are Piedmont falls, Shenandoah Valley, Howardsville Turnpike, etc.

9. Green Knob Trail

Address: Luray, VA 22835, United States.

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This trail will take nearly 2.3 miles to complete. On the way, you can enjoy the views of Grandfather Mountain, creeks, stunning views of wildflower-filled meadows and considered as one of the easiest trails for visitors.

10. Mountain Industry Trail

Address: Lorton, VA 22079, United States.

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This is comparatively an easy trail and you need to cover 4.2 miles to complete this trail. You need to walk through the historic Mabry Mills. You can enjoy its beautiful gardens, ponds, cabins, history displays, etc. This trail makes you fresh and keeps entertaining all the way.

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