Europe - The Old Continent

Well, travel to this beautiful country would be definitely the best choice for you. This country is rich with varied culture, history, oceans, mountains, lush forests, blue lakes, etc. There is a number of exciting spots to explore. Europe is known as the "Peninsula of Peninsulas". The romantic beauty of this country makes this place a favorite tourist destination. Let's find the top travel destinations here:

1. Zermatt, Switzerland

Address: 3920 Zermatt, Switzerland.

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Zermatt, Switzerland Photo

Zermatt is a beautiful town in the bottom of Matterhorn Hill. This is a dream place for adventure lovers and a favorite destination for Mountaineering, skiing, climbing, and hiking. Ice-skating also available in the public outdoor rinks.

2. High Tatras Mountains, Slovakia

Address: High Tatras, 062 01 Vysoké Tatry, Slovakia.

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High Tatras Mountains, Slovakia Photo

Take a trip to the highest mountain range in the Carpathian Mountains. You can find various highest peaks over here and hiking would be really challenging and interesting. Various rare species of wildlife you can see here like Marmot, Lynx, Tatra chamois and bears.

3. Tatev Monastery, Armenia

Address: H45, Tatev 3218, Armenia.

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Tatev Monastery, Armenia Photo

You will really love the Armenian Architecture by seeing Tatev Monastery in Tatev Village, Southern Armenia. This is a historical monument and consists of 3 churches. This was a cultural center for monks, philosophers, etc. In 1996 Tatev monastery and adjacent valleys included in UNESCO World Heritage site list.

4. Flanders Fields, Belgium

Address: Grote Markt 34, 8900 Ieper, Belgium.

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Flanders Fields, Belgium Photo

This is a Cemetery and memorial of I World war and common name for I World war. Here you can find this area is covered with beautiful red flowers and one of the popular tourist destinations in Belgium.

5. Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria

Address: Seven Rila Lakes, 2650, Bulgaria.

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Seven Rila Lakes, Bulgaria Photo

You can find a glacial group of lakes in the Rila Mountains. These lakes are situated 2100 to 2500 meters elevation above the sea level. You can enjoy hiking in the Rila Mountains with beautiful natural surroundings.

6. Skagen, Denmark

Address: 9990 Skagen, Denmark.

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Skagen, Denmark Photo

Skagen is a favorite tourist destination in Denmark with beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and so many things to explore. You can find Skagen Museum which exhibits famous paintings, Eagle World, sand-buried church, Skagen Fyr lighthouse, etc.

7. Bavarian Alps, Germany

Address: Bavarian Alps, 82467 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

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Bavarian Alps, Germany Photo

Here you can find a large number of amazing mountain ranges and a popular tourist attraction in Germany. You can enjoy the beauty of lakes, U-shaped valleys, and Cirque, ice age Rivers, etc. over here.

8. Keukenhof, Netherlands

Address: Leof. Vasileos Konstantinou 5, Athina 106 74, Greece.

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Keukenhof, Netherlands Photo

Keukenhof is known as Garden of Europe & is colorful with psychedelic flower fields. It covers 32 hectares and is rich with more than 7 million tulips, daffodils makes this garden one of the largest garden in the World and this the garden is open mid-march to mid-May.

9. Sintra, Portugal

Address: Sintra, Portugal.

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Sintra, Portugal Photo

Sintra is famous for towering castles and you can visit The National Palace Sintra, a Royal Palace in Sintra, Portugal was popularly known as Palacio da Vila, the Town Palace. It is now considered as a historic museum. The most attractive view of this palace is 2 large conic chimneys of the kitchen with a height of 33meters considered as the symbol of Syntra.

10. Ksamil Beach, Albenia

Address: Rr.Deti Jon, Albania.

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Ksamil Beach, Albenia Photo

If you are snorkeling lover, this beach is the perfect option. Ksamil beach is very popular with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters. Without any doubt, you can spend a family vacation over here.

11. Alpbach, Austria

Address: 6236 Alpbach, Austria.

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Alpbach, Austria Photo

Alpbach is a beautiful village in the Alpbachtal valley. You can find the traditional wooden clad buildings with flower-filled balconies in summer here. This village was awarded "The most beautiful floral village in Europe".

12. Pliva Waterfall, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Address: Jajce 70101, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Pliva Waterfall, Bosnia-Herzegovina Photo

Pliva waterfall is situated in the area where River Pliva meets the river Vrbas with 22 meters height. This is the top attraction of Jajce town. This is considered as a natural monument.

13. Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Address: Croatia.

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Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia Photo

Plitvice Lakes National Park is situated in Central Croatia is among the UNESCO World Heritage site. You can find 16 terraced lakes joined by waterfalls spreads to a limestone Canyon.

14. Finnish Lakeland, Finland

Address: Finnish Lakeland, 56350 Taipalsaari, Finland.

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Finnish Lakeland, Finland Photo

Finnish Lakeland is Finland's largest Lake District consists of rivers, islands, lakes, forests, etc. If you are a nature lover, there are a lot of natural wonders awaits you.

15. Santorini, Greece

Address: Santorini, Greece.

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Santorini, Greece Photo

Santorini is an Island included in Thira regional unit, Greece. The largest volcanic eruptions happened in this Island once. This Island is voted as the most beautiful Islands in the World. There are some beautiful places should not miss: Kamari, Perissa, Pyrgos, Akrotiri- is a famous archaeological site, Phira, etc. It is a land of small wine industry where you get Athiri and Aidani wines. This Island is Notable with its stunning architecture.

16. Mount Kirkjufell, Iceland

Address: Kirkjufell, Iceland.

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Mount Kirkjufell, Iceland Photo

Kirkjufell Mountain is the most beautiful mountain in Iceland. It is known as " the most photographed mountain in Iceland". Some of the famous films were taken in this location and the perfect place for seeing Northern Lights.

17. Vatican Museum, Italy

Address: 00120 Vatican City.

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Vatican Museum, Italy Photo

If you want to see the Roman sculptures, paintings, and other art forms, do a visit to the famous Vatican Museum. The architecture of this building is also attractive and considered as one of the largest museums in the World. You can also visit the nearby Vatican gardens and Sistine Chapel.

18. Lagos de Tristaina, Andorra

Address: Estanys de Tristaina, AD300, Andorra.

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Lagos de Tristaina, Andorra Photo

Mountain Lakes in Andorra is a must watch stunning natural scenery. Here you can find World's some of the best hiking routes in Andorra. You can take Tristaina Lake Trail, visit Church of Sant Joan de Caselles and many more things to explore.

19. Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus

Address: Kouklia, Cyprus.

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Aphrodite's Rock, Cyprus Photo

This area is considered as the birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Beauty and love in mythology make this area a remarkable one. You can see huge rocks along one of the most beautiful coastlines on the island.

20. Tallinn, Estonia

Address: Harju 6, 10130 Tallinn, Estonia.

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Tallinn, Estonia Photo

This largest capital city of Estonia has historical significance. This city has 1000-year-old history notable for the architecture; you can also visit St. Nicholas Church, Gothic Town Hall, old town, etc. There are a lot of shopping areas and entertainment activities etc. also you can find.

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