Popular Surfing Destinations To Explore In Sri Lanka

December to March is the best season to explore beautiful Srilankan beaches. Unawatuna, Mirissa, Bentota, Weligama are some of the most visiting beaches by tourists. There are several destinations here for whale watching, water sports activities mainly for surfing, scenic views and most of the beaches are filled with white sand and tranquil blue waters. You can also enjoy a very reasonable accommodation and dining with local as well as international flavours.

1. Crocodile Rock

Address: Panama Rd, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka.

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This right-hander point break is advisable for all levels of surfers. This beach is suitable for learning your surfing lessons and can learn peacefully when you visit on weekdays. The waves works over here on all tides and the site is close to lush green forests.

2. Ahangama

Address: Ahangama, Sri Lanka.

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Ahangama is considered as the surfing capital of Southern province of Sri Lanka. November and April would be the best season to enjoy surfing in this beach. It has consistent waves year-round and not depends on swells. The attractive breaks you can explore here are Unawatuna, Weligama, Midigama, and Mirissa.

3. Arugam Bay

Address: Arugam Bay Beach, Sri Lanka.

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This is a favorite East-coast surfing destination in Sri Lanka. It attracts surfers with quality breaks. Main Point in the south of the bay is the major site with right-hander point break with attractive reef bottom.

4. Hikkadua

Address: Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka.

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Hikkadua is the gem of Southern province. This beach is located in Galle district and advisable for beginners and intermediate surfers. It has year-round flat waves with attractive coral reefs. You can find plenty of surf shops, rental shops, restaurants, and all modern amenities over here.

5. Baby Point

Address: No,6,kalugamuwa road Gelioya, Gelioya,sri lanka, Sri Lanka.

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As the name indicates, this beach is suitable for learning the lessons of surfing. It has a shallow sand bottom and right-hander break pints.

6. Weligama

Address: Weligama, Sri Lanka.

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This bay is advisable for beginners as well as intermediaries as it offers consistent waves. You can explore long right or left beach breaks over here. This beach is mostly crowded and considered as the best beginner beach on the entire island.

7. Light House Point

Address: Komari, Sri Lanka, 32500, Sri Lanka.

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This point is advisable for experienced surfers. It has sandy and rocky bottoms and can hold the waves up to 1.5meter high.

8. Okanda

Address: Okanda, Sri Lanka.

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Okanda is an amazing surfing destination in Eastern province. It attracts expert surfers with right-hand point breaks. Beginners can enjoy surfing in the northern point of this bay with calm waves and for experts, expect wild and fast waves with occasional barrelling sections hit the shore.

9. Pottuvil Point

Address: Pottuvil point, Sri Lanka.

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This beach is advisable for only highly experienced surfers. It has long right- hand point breaks and can enjoy when it works up to 800 meters. You can expect heavy take-offs and hollow barrels and ends with a mellow ride into the bay.

10. Peanut Farm

Address: Peanut Farm Beach, Sri Lanka.

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This beach attracts surfers with right-hander break pints and sandy bottoms. It can hold waves up to 1.5 meters and suitable for beginners and intermediaries.

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