Top 10 Things To Do In Madeira, Portugal

Madeira is a charming Island in Atlantic Ocean in Portugal. The island is of Volcanic Origin and rich in flora & fauna. There are number of natural attractions like rugged sea cliffs, waterfalls, hill top view points, nature reserves, charming towns and many more things that make your trip a memorable one.

1. Porto Moniz

Address: Porto Moniz, Portugal.

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Porto Moniz is a small town located in North West corner of Madeira Island made with towering mountains and best scenery of deep blues of Atlantic Ocean. This town is beautiful with natural lava pools facilitate swimming and paddling that attracts tourists largely. Near to it, a walk to Levada de Ribeira da Janela which facilitates the best sceneries and coastal hikes.

2. Funchal

Address: Funchal, Portugal.

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This is the biggest and capital city of Madeira. Funchal attracts visitors with its breath-taking mountains, harbours, wines etc. The places you can explore here are Funchal Cathedral with amazing Romanesque& Baroque style architecture, a contemporary art museum at San Tiago Fortress dates back of 1600s. You can also find some of the most beautiful gardens in the World over here.

3. Ponta de Sao Louren?o Nature Reserve

Address: ER109, Caniçal, Portugal.

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Ponta de Sao Louren?o Nature Reserve Photo

This nature reserve is a favourite tourist attraction in Madeira and situated in the charming town of Canical. Agostinho and Farol are the popular Islets you can find here. This is a geological Nature Reserve currently inorder to preserve the flora & fauna over here. Rugged volcanic rock formations boats out of ocean are the highest attraction; you can enjoy a cliff top walk and enjoy the panoramic views.

4. Cristo Rei View Point

Address: Estrada do Cristo Rei, Caniço, Portugal.

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Cristo Rei View Point Photo

This is an amazing hilltop point where you can find the statue of Christ the King. This statue has immense significance in the history of this region. From here you can enjoy the stunning beauty of Atlantic Ocean and you can visit the Garajau Nature Reserve and Funchal Bay.

5. Garganta Funda Waterfall

Address: Portugal.

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Garganta Funda Waterfall Photo

Garganta Funda waterfalls is a one of the best nature point in Madeira where you can find the stunning views of waterfalls surrounded by rocky cliffs. This is located near Atlantic Ocean. Through a walking trial you can reach this waterfall which starts from Pedregal site.

6. Chamber of Wolves

Address: Madeira, Portugal, Europe.

Chamber of Wolves Photo

This is a Parish city situated on the South Coast of Madeira. Fishing and agriculture are the major activities do by people over here. The city got this name after there were number of sea lions in History, wolves means lion in Portugal. You can find number of colourful boats is lined up in the shore , there is a cliff overlooks the sea & you can enjoy a walking trial here and from the top, enjoy the beauty of this little charming town and ocean.

7. Monte Palace Tropical Garden

Address: Caminho do Monte 174, 9050-288 Funchal, Portugal.

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Monte Palace Tropical Garden Photo

If you love gardening or a nature lover, you must visit Monte Palace Tropical garden situated on a hilltop in high above Funchal. This is set up as multi-layers and looks like a fantasy world. You can find huge varieties of exotic plants, flowers, African sculptures, ponds, water falls, mineral museums, wildlife etc.

8. Porto Santo

Address: Porto Santo Island, Portugal.

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Porto Santo Photo

Porto Santo is a hidden gem of Madeira. This is a long stretch of white sand beach with surrounding natural beauty. If you are looking for a peaceful moment from the city, this is a best choice. Another attractive factor is the sand is created from volcanic activity so it has medicinal properties. So people consider spending time over here as a medicinal treatment.

9. Laurel Forest

Address: Madeira Island, Portugal.

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Laurel Forest Photo

Take a visit to this UNESCO World Heritage site, Laurel forest is a sub-tropical forest with high humidity and mild temperature. It is believed that this is the largest area of laurel forest in the World. The forest is spread with laurophyll trees, it has broadleaves and are evergreen. It is filled with rich flora & fauna and especially many endemic species.

10. Valley of the Nuns

Address: Caminho da Padaria, 9030-311 Curral das Freiras, Portugal.

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Valley of the Nuns Photo

Valley of Nuns is situated in the middle of Madeira Island. The valleys are surrounded by Breath-taking Mountains. From the top, you can enjoy the small village situated in this valley. There are routes through the mountains and you can enjoy the best scenic views of these valleys.

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