Double Decker Bridges

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Not content with just one, tribals have also developed double decker bridges after realizing that flood waters reached the first bridge during heavy rains and hence built one more bridge above this bridge to help the villagers to cross safely. People of some villages like Nongriat are dependent on the rope bridges to reach remote places as there are no modern bridges given the geographical reasons. Tourist enthusiasts say the best way to reach these bridges are by trekking which may take a couple of hours to reach but unmindful of the hazards, trekkers undergo this journey to see this natural wonder. The double decker bridge at Nongriat has been built over a beautiful river, so serene and you can see the crystal clear waters, nature at its best. Outwardly the bridges looks clumsy, but the tribals credited with this wonder were more worried about the strength of the bridges rather than the external beauty. The life span of these bridges are supposed to be 500 years.

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