The Abode Of Clouds

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Address: Upland Rd, Opp St. Margaret's School, Nongkynrih, Laitumkhrah, Shillong, Meghalaya 793003, India.

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Meghalaya in short means "Abode of clouds" in Sanskrit. Meghalaya is endowed with beautiful valleys, wildlife, enjoyable climate and has always charmed the discerning tourists who throng to this place to enjoy and be with nature. There are a number of places worth visiting, but tourists don?t miss to see the charming natural wonder, the root bridges, which by any means are centuries old and still going strong. The Kasi tribals take great pride in preserving these bridges. The rope bridges are formed by utilizing the aerial roots of the rubber trees usually found near the river banks and strengthening them to form long ropes, twisting them at some places to make them suitable as bridges over the river. The roots in due course adjust and grow thicker and get added strength. Sometimes the root bridges are also developed over bamboo scaffoldings so as to give the extra strength since people use very frequently these bridges. These scaffoldings are subject to wear and tear and the tribals have to change the scaffoldings as and when they feel the need to discard the used bamboo scaffoldings. In Indian villages it is a common sight to see young children swinging to the branches of the Banyan tree. Instead of the branches the Kasi tribals found new ways to utilize the roots of trees near river banks and in due course built the root bridges and the villagers utilized these bridges to cross the rivers. Some of these root bridges are said to be over 100 years.

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