14 Party Goer Vacation Destination In Boise

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1. Cucina Di Paolo

Address: 1504 S Vista Ave, Boise.

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This is a homestyle Italian and American comfort eats served in a snug storefront with takeaway meals and treats.

2. Lemon Tree Co.

Address: 224 N 10th St, Boise.

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A unique restaurant with a unique food menu crafted by love, good food, and drink. They serve Artisan sandwiches and flavored lemonades. A unique restaurant with a unique food menu crafted by love, good food, and drink. They serve Artisan sandwiches and flavored lemonades.

3. Tucanos Brazilian Grill

Address: 1388 S Entertainment Ave, Boise.

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This is a Brazilian steakhouse chain serving all you can eat churrasco and pursuit skewers in a vibrant space.

4. Barbacoa Grill

Address: 276 West Bobwhite Ct, Boise.

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This is an Innovative Spanish-American fare and open-fire grilled steaks served in a lively, fashionable environment within a bar.

5. Chandlers

Address: 981 W Grove St, Boise.

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Topshelf steaks and seafood served in a swanky, hip setting with live jazz and a martini bar. one of the premier fine dining downtown in Boise serving award-winning prime steaks, fresh seafood, and creative cocktails wthin a night club

6. Bardenay Restaurant & Distillery - Boise

Address: 610 W Grove St, Boise.

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This is a spacious brick distillery serving creative Northwest fare and craft cocktails in a lively atmosphere

7. Fork

Address: 199 N 8th St, Boise.

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This is a creative, farm-to-table American dishes and craft cocktails served in a vibrant, brick and wood space.

8. Goodwood Barbecue Company

Address: 7849 W Spectrum St, Boise.

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This is a small chain BBQ joint that serves Southern staples with Western flair in a spacious, woodsy environment.

9. The Melting Pot

Address: 200 N 6th St, Boise.

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This is a Fondue restaurant series offering heated pots of cheese, chocolate or broth for dipping and cooking.

10. Goldy's Breakfast Bistro

Address: 108 S Capitol Blvd, Boise.

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This famous restaurant features hearty breakfast and lunch classics with a seasonal bent draw crowd to this bustling daytime bistro.

11. Capri

Address: 2520 W Fairview Ave, Boise.

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This is an old-school diner that features hearty American breakfast and lunch favorites in a down-to-earth environment.

12. Tasso

Address: 401 S 8th St, Boise.

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This is a sandwich shop. They craft all their sandwich meats, condiments, salads, and sides from scratch

13. The Wylder

Address: 501 W Broad St, Boise.

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This is a stylish, modern eatery giving slow batch pizza, veggies and salads plus craft cocktails.

14. Barber Park

Address: 4049 S Eckert Rd, Boise.

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This is a fabulous park that features an event center for rentals, shuttle bus, a floating area across the Boise river