5 Party Goer Vacation Destination In Crete

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1. Cristina's Family Restaurant

Address: 1250 Redwood Ave, Crete.

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Cristina's Family Restaurant Photo

This is an amazing one end restaurant with Mexican cuisine and a variety of desserts

2. 9th Street Bar and Grill

Address: 915 Main Ave #1, Crete.

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9th Street Bar and Grill Photo

This is an amazing restaurant with games, food and other live entertainment. They feature American food within a pub and bar

3. Villarreal Cooking Inc,

Address: 1066 E 20th St, Crete.

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Villarreal Cooking Inc, Photo

This is a great place to visit if you are interested in restaurant food. They serve a very great menu of delicious dishes

4. Noa's Deli

Address: 342 E 13th St, Crete.

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Noa's Deli Photo

This is one of the famous restaurant in crete that serves Deli cuisine and holds a very great atmosphere

5. The Lodge Cafe

Address: Blue River Lodge Cir N, Crete.

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The Lodge Cafe Photo

This is a friendly cafe that serves Turkish, Greek and Mediterranean cuisine