10 Amazing Things To Enjoy In Montana

Montana is a thrilling paradise for tourists all-time. Montana is blessed with lot of natural resources includes glaciers, waterfalls, charming lakes, rock formations, mountains, and ofcourse a land of number of exciting outdoor activities. Montana is called as a Treasure state; definitely this name deserves. Popular activities you can do here include:

1. Glacier National Park

Address: Montana, United States.

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Glacier National Park Photo

It is called as ?Crown of the Continent?, located in the boarder of Canada and US & stretches around 1583 sq. Miles. It is considered the No.1 place for Hiking in US. It treats you with various adventurous, travelling tips, recreation amenities .The places to visit in this Parks are Apgar Nature Centre, McDonald Lake, Trial of the Cedars, Going-to-the-Sun road, the famous Logan Pass, Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, Iceberg Lake trial, Grinnell Glacier, Glacier Park Boat company tours and Highline Trial.

2. McDonald Lake

Address: 288 Lake McDonald Lodge Loop, West Glacier, MT 59936, United States.

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McDonald Lake Photo

You must visit this largest lake in Glacier National Park. You can find pebbles and colourful stones under the water very clearly. With 10meters long this becomes the longest lake in Glacier National Park. The lake is rich in colourful fishes and the lake is surrounded by Coniferous forest. You can find an accommodation in Lake McDonald Lodge with full amenities.

3. Big Sky Resort

Address: 50 Big Sky Resort Rd, Big Sky, MT 59716, United States.

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Big Sky Resort Photo

The Paradise of Skiing lovers, this resort is located in Montana, Madison country. This resort was opened in 1973, became the second largest Ski resort in US. This is very popular for winter activities includes skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing, zip-lining, terrain parks etc.

4. Ringing Rocks

Address: Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972, United States.

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Ringing Rocks Photo

What these rock formations got this name is because when it struck you can hear a melodious sound from it. It is also called as lithophonic rocks. In ancient periods these rocks were used to make lithophones. The rocks made different pitches of sound and it is really amazing.

5. Weir Creek Hot Springs

Address: Weir Creek Hot Springs, Idaho 83539, USA.

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Weir Creek Hot Springs Photo

Eventhough you can find number of hotsprings due to geological action in Montana, one of the best one is Weir Creek Hot Springs. After a wonderful trial by enjoying the natural beauty you can reach this natural Hotsprings. The water is rich in minerals and a healthy bath from here rejuvenates your mind and soul.

6. Helena

Address: 3349 Lemhi Trail Dr, Bozeman, MT 59718, United States.

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Helena Photo

Helena is the Capital city of Montana and offers visitors number of recreational activities, Hot springs, museums, visitor centre and Golf courses. This is one of the wealthiest cities in US. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of Victorian Architecture, hiking at Mount Helena City Park, Holter Museum of Art etc.

7. Museum of Montana

Address: 600 W Kagy Blvd, Bozeman, MT 59717, United States.

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Museum of Montana Photo

If you want to understand the history and culture of Montana, take a visit to the Museum of Montana at Helena. It has some of the historic collections of artifacts, photographs, galleries and documents. This museum is maintained by Montana Historical Society inorder to preserve the heritage throughout the country.

8. Flathead Lake

Address: Flathead Lake, Montana, USA.

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Flathead Lake Photo

Flathead Lake is one of the largest freshwater and natural lakes in Montana. It has two tributaries: Swan River & Flathead River. The water is crystal clear so that you can get the views of the underwater land and colourful marine species very closely.

9. Saint Mary Lake

Address: Saint Mary Lake, Montana 59417, USA.

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Saint Mary Lake Photo

You can find this lake on the east side of Glacier National Park and the second largest lake in Glacier National Park. The water is very clear and you can see the pebbled stones underwater and on the shores. The lake is surrounded by breath-tkaings and you can enjoy the natural sceneries at its best from here. mountain

10. Grinnel Lake

Address: Grinnell Lake, Montana 59417, USA.

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Grinnel Lake Photo

The lake got this name from the famous George Bird Grinnell, an American conservationist. An enjoyable Grinnel trial lake enables you to reach this stunning point. Due to changes in the angle of Sun, the colour of the water in this lake changes like emerald green or turquoise appearance. This is an amazing natural phenomenon you can enjoy here.

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