2020 Travel Attractions In The World We Can Travel

Here is the list of magical destinations that you can explore in this New Year. Most of the countries celebrate this New Year with various colorful events. So New Year is the best time to explore the culture, heritage, and trends of each country. Here is the bucket list of the top 15 amazing destinations that you can visit in this 2020.

1. Kyoto, Japan

Address: Kyoto, Japan.

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This capital city of Japan has so many things to offer for visitors. It has amazing temples, historic palaces, beautiful gardens, natural attractions, and so many things. Even though there are unlimited things to explore, find below some of the must-visit destinations in Kyoto.

2. Rabat, Morocco

Address: Rabat, Morocco.

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This capital city has so many attractions includes Hassan Tower, Rabat archaeology museum, Chellah necropolis, Kasbah des Oudaias, Royal Palace.

3. British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Address: British Virgin Islands.

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This is one of the amazing destinations that you can enjoy in 2020. You can find stunning beaches, charming islands, lush green forests, breath-taking mountains and plenty of outdoor activities.

4. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Address: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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This capital city of Ethiopia is a fantastic holiday destination. You can find beautiful valleys, cathedrals with stunning architecture, National museums, art galleries, Addis Foto Fest and many attractive things to explore here in this New Year.

5. Rijeka, Croatia

Address: Rijeka, Croatia.

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This is an amazing port city in Croatia. Popular attractions to explore in Rijeka includes a Trsat Castle complex which is situated on a hilltop from where you can enjoy the breath-taking views of Kvarner Bay islands, attractive Habsburg- era buildings, Ivan pl. Zajc Croatian National Theatre, etc.

6. Pakistan

Address: Pakistan.

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Pakistan is a historic land that was ruled by various emperors. Popular things you can enjoy here include Chaukhandi tombs, one of the earliest civilization site; Mohenjo-Daro, Lahore fort Elephant Path, Derawar Fort, Makli Hill, Khewra Salt Mines, Attabad Lake, etc.

7. Kyrgyzstan

Address: Kyrgyzstan.

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This is a landlocked country with mountainous terrain. It attracts visitors with magical canyons, plenty of hiking opportunities, walnut forests, charming alpine lakes, unlimited outdoor activities, National Museums and many more natural things you can enjoy here.

8. Arequipa, Peru

Address: Arequipa, Peru.

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This city in Peru is framed by three volcanoes. You can find attractive Baroque- style buildings in this colonial-era city. Popular attractions are a 17th-century neo-classical Basilica and its museum with historic artifacts, public squares, Colca Canyon, historic sites, local markets, etc.

9. Plymouth, UK

Address: Plymouth, UK.

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Plymouth is a charming port city in Devon. You can understand the rich maritime history of the city by visiting here, cobbled streets, historic buildings, harbors, National marine aquariums, fisheries, etc.

10. Ashville, North Carolina

Address: Asheville, NC, USA.

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This vibrant city is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The city is famous for amazing architecture and artworks. The popular things you can explore here are dome-topped Basilica of Saint Lawrence, Biltmore estate of 19th century with brilliant architecture, Down Town Art District & River Art district with several amazing galleries and museums, etc.

11. Austrias

Address: Austria.

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Austria is one of the prettiest countries in the World. It has some beautiful lakes, mountain ranges, historic monuments, UNESCO Heritage sites, waterfalls, museums, spa towns, and the list never ends. You can many beautiful Palaces which explain the architectural styles of ancient periods.

12. Barbados

Address: Barbados.

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Barbados is a charming Caribbean island in North America. There are so many amazing things to explore here that includes pristine beaches, caves, botanical gardens, historic sites, National museums, colonial buildings etc are worth to visit.

13. Boston

Address: Boston, MA, USA.

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This historical city has so many interesting things to offer for you including museums, historical monuments, cruise trips and many sightseeing points. Both adults and children have a lot of things to enjoy here. Boston is considered one of the oldest cities in the US.

14. Costa-Rica

Address: Costa Rica.

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If you want to explore the beauty of nature on your vacation, take a visit to Costa Rica. It has several natural eco-systems that itself is enough to attract a large number of visitors over here. The highlights are rain forests, National Parks, pristine beaches, best-snorkeling destinations, active volcanoes, hiking, coffee plantations, etc.

15. Dominica

Address: Dominica.

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Dominica is a beautiful island country in West Indies. This is a perfect destination to enjoy your holidays. Popular things to explore here are charming lakes, rain forests, National Parks, botanical gardens, amazing timber houses, etc.

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