A Journey To Explore The Beauty Of Guadeloupe

This is a group of two beautiful islands which were separated by the Salee River in the French overseas region. You can explore volcanoes, National Parks, stunning beaches, pristine islands, underwater preserves and many more. The islands look like a beautiful butterfly and in the middle the gorgeous Salee River.

1. Guadeloupe National Park

Address: Monteran Saint Claude, 97120, Guadeloupe.

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No doubt, this is the prior destination for all visitors over here. This National Park is situated in Basse-Terre Island and this is a UNESCO designated Biosphere Reserve. This is a paradise for hikers. You can find volcanoes, beautiful waterfalls, etc. You can enjoy bird watching, picnicking, nature trails, etc over here.

2. Sainte-Anne Beach

Address: Unnamed Road, Guadeloupe.

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This is a beautiful beach on the island of Grande-Terre. It has long white sand stretches and shallow water. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving and boating over here. Also, there are plenty of restaurants, boutiques, cafes, etc you can find on the beachside.

3. Jacques Cousteau's Underwater Reserve

Address: Mer des Caraïbes, Guadeloupe.

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This is a beautiful underwater reserve in the Caribbean Sea and spreads around 1000 hectares of seabed. Here you will get the chance to see the colorful marine species like coral reefs, fishes, moray eels, green turtles, dolphins, seahorses, etc very closely. You can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, etc over here.

4. La Pointe des Châteaux

Address: Pointe des Châteaux, Guadeloupe.

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This natural wonder you can experience in Grande-Terre. This is an amazing cliff formation in the easternmost edge of Grand - Terre. This is the point where the Caribbean Sea connects with the Atlantic Ocean. Once you climb the top of the cliff, you can enjoy the panoramic views of surrounding and the rocks look like sculptures due to turbulent winds and strong waves.

5. Guadeloupe Zoo

Address: Route de la traversée, D23, Bouillante 97125, France.

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This would be a favorite destination for your kids no doubt. You can find several endangered species of animals over here. It is located on a hilltop garden on the banks of beautiful Rivière aux Hérbes. You can find more than 85 species of animals over here and popular among them are jaguars, monkeys, tortoise, colorful parrots, etc. You can enjoy a hiking trail through a tropical rainforest to reach over here.

6. Terre-de-Haut Island

Address: Terre-de-Haut, Guadeloupe.

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This island attracts visitors with its European style architecture and colonial model streets. You can find rows of Creole-style houses on the main road in town. This is a car-free island and you can find solar-powered carts & golf carts over here. You can also find art galleries, stunning beaches, bars, international restaurants, etc over here.

7. Marie-Galante Island

Address: Marie-Galante, Guadeloupe.

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If you are looking for stunning beach vacations, that is Marie-Galante Island's offer for visitors. You can find the ruins of old windmills around the island. Popular things you can enjoy here are swimming, sunbathing, hiking trails, visiting sugar plantations, windmill towers, etc.

8. Terre-de-Bass Island

Address: Commune de Terre-de-Bas, Guadeloupe.

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This island is located in a remote area and a perfect destination to relax some peaceful moments from all the business of life. The island is surrounded by breath-taking mountains where you can enjoy amazing hiking with scenic views. Also, the island is famous for pottery, fabrication, craft and art productions.

9. de Deshaies Botanical Garden

Address: Deshaies, Guadeloupe.

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This beautiful botanical garden is situated in the heart of Deshaies and a perfect destination to experience the wide varieties of Caribbean flora. Popular attractions are beautiful ponds where children can enjoy feeding fishes, bougainvillea, cascades, and it is home to cute pink flamingos. You can enjoy the best views of the garden from a hilltop restaurant over here.

10. Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Natural Reserve

Address: Grand Cul-de-sac marin, Guadeloupe.

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This nature reserve is located in the north region and in between Grande Terre and Basse Terre islands. It attracts visitors with wide varieties of eco-system like seagrass beds, corals, mangroves, swamp forests and you can find best- preserved coastal territories over here. You can find amazing species of birds, animals, reptiles, mammals, plants, etc over here.

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