A Travel Through The Historical Landmarks Of Scotland

Scotland is a Royal city filled with number of historic castles, monuments, museums etc. It helps to understand visitors that how important is Scotland for Royal families. Another notable fact is all historical buildings attracts visitors with its endless beauty of architecture and shows us that how artistically talented people lived thee in ancient periods. Apart from these it has narrow medieval streets, beautiful lakes, valleys, hiking destinations etc. You are in the land of history and architecture. The best places to visit in Scotland:

1. Edinburgh Old Town

Address: Edinburgh Old Town, Edinburgh, UK.

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Edinburgh Old Town Photo

If you want to experience the medieval streets of Scotland, Old Street is the best example. Old town in this capital city is included in the list of UNESCO?s heritage list. The important things you can see here includes narrow streets, historical monuments, National Museum of Scotland, Scottish Parliament building, St. Giles' Cathedral etc. When you reach here you may feel like you were in black& white age and very recently the main street of Old known as Royal Mile.

2. Edinburgh Castle

Address: Castlehill, Edinburgh EH1 2NG, United Kingdom.

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Edinburgh Castle Photo

This castle is the highest attraction of Edinburg & a popular tourist destination. This historic castle is situated on the middle of Old town and a part of UNESCO heritage site. The things to see in this castle includes National War Museum of Scotland, Scottish National War Memorial, Scottish regalia, a 12th century St. Margaret Chapel, 16th century great Wall, Half Moon Battery and David's Tower, Royal Palace, Queen Anne Building, etc. It has millions of visitors every year and considered as the most paid visitor centre in Scotland. Among all, Edinburg Castle is a symbol of Scotland.

3. Scottish National Gallery

Address: The Mound, Edinburgh EH2 2EL, United Kingdom.

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Scottish National Gallery Photo

Scottish National Gallery was opened in 1859 and consists of Royal Scottish Academy Building and National Gallery Building. The building was designed in Neo-classical style by popular architect William Henry Playfair and situated near Princes Street. This art gallery has vast collections of art works of Both Scottish as well as International in between Renaissance age and late 19th century. Definitely this would be a paradise for art lovers.

4. Dunnottar Castle

Address: Stonehaven AB39 2TL, United Kingdom.

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Dunnottar Castle Photo

This castle stands in a stunning location on the north-eastern coast of Scotland. This is an early middle aged fort and was home to one of the richest and powerful families in Scotland; Earls Marischal?s. Even though this is a ruined building you can find the 16th century reconstructed buildings over here. This is an important archaeological site in Scotland and has the things to visit here includes a 14th century tower house, a 16th century Palace, a chapel, a gate house etc. Above all the location is really amazing like in a seaside cliff, a fort, really worth to watch.

5. Loch Ness

Address: Loch Ness, United Kingdom.

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Loch Ness Photo

Loch Ness is a favourite holiday destination in Scotland. This lake is well known for its mythical monster named Nessie. This is a fresh water lake and you can enjoy number of outdoor activities over here. The interesting things to do here includes a light house , Urquhart Castle, Loch Ness Centre and Exhibition, boat trips or cruises to find out Nessie, the monster etc. Also you can fins two stunning islands over here named Cherry Island and Crannog Island.

6. Holyrood Palace

Address: Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8DX, United Kingdom.

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Holyrood Palace Photo

This is an official residence of British Monarch in Scotland, Queen Elizabeth II. They used this residence for handling official matters and state entertaining. Public can visit this palace at any time except the time when Royal family is staying there. The architecture of this palace is really amazing and things to visit here includes a vast beautiful garden, a 12th century remaining of Holyrood Abbey, treasures in the Palace, throne room, gallery, state apartments and you can find here the great Royal collections of Europe .

7. Stirling Castle

Address: Castle Esplanade, Stirling FK8 1EJ, United Kingdom.

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Stirling Castle Photo

Stirling Castle is situated at Castle hill and very popular in Scotland due to its stunning architecture and historical significance. This was a Royal residence many years ago and interesting things to so over here includes The Royal Palace of 1500s, The great Hall, The Royal Chapel, Queens Ann gardens, the castle exhibition, Regimental Museum, Stirling Heads gallery etc. By visiting this Castle you will be able to understand the history of Renaissance Kings and Queens and how creatively they made this castle.

8. Scott Monument

Address: E. Princes St Gardens, Edinburgh EH2 2EJ, United Kingdom.

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Scott Monument Photo

The peculiarity of this monument is that this is the second largest monument in the name of a writer in the World; it is dedicated to Sir Walter Scott, Scottish historic writer. This Victorian Gothic monument is situated at Princess Street in Edinburgh. There are more than 68 different statues over here. This monument is 61 meters tall and in order to reach in top you need to climb 287 steps and which is divided into 4 parts. While reaching at the top, you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. The attractive fact is that you can enjoy the beauty of White marble statue of Scott in black coloured construction.

9. Scottish Parliament

Address: Edinburgh EH99 1SP, United Kingdom.

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Scottish Parliament Photo

With the stunning architecture, Scottish Parliament is a must visit destination in Scotland. You will be provided guided tours through the building and will be able to see the Debating Chamber, Parliament exhibitions, vaults of the main hall etc. The Scottish Parliament was opened in 2004 and was designed by Catalan architect, Enric Miralles and before the inauguration he got died. There is a criticism exists in this building is the expense of construction exceeds much more than estimation. There is a caf? and shop also available for relaxing sometime too.

10. Old Man of Hoy

Address: Old Man of Hoy, Stromness KW16 3NJ, UK.

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Old Man of Hoy Photo

This sea stack is a popular climbing destination in Scotland and situated on the Orkney Islands with the height of 449ft. This is the tallest stack in Britain. The stack is separated from the sea side cliffs and it is created by erosion of cliff through hydraulic action. This stack got its name because in some angles it looks like an old man. It is believed that it is 250 years old and in the position that it may soon fall into the sea. Highline walk is also a popular activity you can enjoy here.

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