A Travel Through The Majestic Cities Of Western France

Ofcource, France is a popular tourist destination in the World. And there are some hidden treasures lies on the Western part of France. It has amazing coastal town, Old cities, medieval streets, historic monuments, museums, heritage sites and white sand beaches. A travel through these old towns would be really a different experience for you. The places to visit include:

1. Bayonne

Address: 7 Espl. de l'Europe, 64600 Anglet, France.

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This beautiful town is the meeting place of Nive and Adour rivers and situated on southwest France. This is one of the prettiest towns in Southwest France .The factors which attracts visitors to this town are the medieval streets, Slender Basque houses, Gothic -style Cathedral, Chateau Vieux Castle, Musee Basque (museum) which exhibits the art and craftworks of Bayonne

2. La Rochelle

Address: La Rochelle, France.

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This is an old coastal city in south western France and was a fishing harbour from 12th century onwards. You can find some relaxing moments on the coastal shore, or you can roam around the Old town with narrow streets, medieval and renaissance houses, old port and floating harbour, medieval town hall- a historic building in old town, maritime museum, aquarium, boat trips Bunker- the second World war museum etc are the fascinating things you can enjoy in La Rochelle.

3. Bordeaux

Address: Bordeaux, France.

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Bordeaux is an artistic town in south western France. There are number of cultural things you can enjoy includes Gothic ?style mansions, art museums, a chance to understand various cultures and civilisations. Bordeaux is often known as the wine capital of World, well it has number of amazing vineyards and offers visitors a thrilling experience of wine tours and wine bar experience. Also you can enjoy boat tours, night clubs, restaurants, beauty & Spa etc from here.

4. Toulouse

Address: Milady Village C10, 91 Avenue de la Milady, 64200 Biarritz, France.

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Toulouse has a beautiful nick name: the pink city because most of the buildings were constructed by using terracotta bricks. This 4th largest city is situated in south western France in the Midi-Pyrenees region. Most of the buildings in the streets are built on Roman style of architecture. The things you can enjoy here includes simply walking through the city in a fine evening, Peniche Baladine Boat Tours, space city- a scientific theme park, Old mansions and churches etc.

5. Brest

Address: Brest, France.

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This is another beautiful port city in south western France. This naval harbour is considered as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in France. The best things you can visit over here includes maritime museum, Oceanopolis, Pont De l?Iroise Bridge across river Elorn, boat trips to the island, paddling, surfing etc.

6. Rennes

Address: Rennes, France.

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Another Medieval town in northwest of France and this city is the capital of Brittany. The noticeable things you should visit in Rennes includes Thabor garden- a French garden spreads around 24 acres, The Musee de Bretagne ? the museum helps you to understand the culture and history of Rennes, Parliament Building, medieval streets of the Old town etc.

7. Lourdes

Address: 1 Avenue Mgr Théas, 65108 Lourdes, France.

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This beautiful town is located on the French Pyrenees. This is the largest Marian pilgrimage centre in the World. The town is divided in two parts like an International centre where you can find the Grotto and churches and another one is French portion covering the market place. You can visit Lourdes Sanctuary Complex, Wax Museum, or can participate in the religious events etc.

8. Cahors

Address: 46000 Cahors, France.

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Another charming town on the banks of River Lot, south western France. There are lot of historic monuments that you can visit includes the Valentre bridge with 3 towers? a UNESCO World Heritage site, Olivier-de-Magny ? a public garden lined by amazing old houses, narrow shopping lanes, Saint-Etienne cathedral, and the city is famous for its deep red wine.

9. Biarritz

Address: 64200 Biarritz, France.

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This is a popular coastal town situated on the Southwest of France. This town is a popular tourist destination in Western parts because it has number of white sand beaches with crystal clear water and a renowned surfing destination. You would get even training from surfing schools over here. It has elegant villas and resorts to make you comfortable and another interesting fact that you can find the Statue of Virgin Mary on the Rocher de la Vierge.

10. Agen, France

Address: Agen, France.

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This historic town lies on the River Garonne. The amazing fact is that the city has around 33 historic monuments and protected buildings. It has a 19th century shopping street, a 15th century street with timber ?framed houses and important sites that you should not miss includes St Caprais Cathedral, The Tower of Notre Dame du Chaplet, The Museum of Fine Art, Church of Notre Dame du Bourg, public gardens, architecture etc and all are really worth to watch in Agen.

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