A Travel Through The Natural Wonders Of Bahamas Islands

Bahamans Islands has a number of stunning beaches and a favourite Caribbean tourist destination. The group of 700 islands makes your trip an unforgettable one. Also you and guests can enjoy water sports activities. You can dive with number of fishes, large number of turtles, dolphins, rays, the rare tiger sharks; see the beauty of deep blue water with white sand bottom includes corals, diverse marine life and vegetation. It has number of natural and man-made attractions to explore.

1. Nassau

Address: Ideal Estates Nassau N.P BS, Nassau, Bahamas.

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Nassau is an old harbour town in Bahamas. There are number of things to explore in this capital city of Bahamas. You can explore British colonial buildings, pink-coloured Government houses, Blue Lagoon Island, Cable beach with white sand stretches, Ardastra garden zoo and explore small towns like Nassau Straw Market, Bay street etc.

2. Paradise Island

Address: One Casino Drive Suite #59, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

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This is a charming Island in Bahamas with stunning beaches and number of water sports activities. Apart from that there are luxury boutiques, streets, fresh sea food serving restaurants, a largest waterpark etc are to explore. The best water sports activities you can enjoy here are swimming, diving, fishing charters etc.

3. Harbour Island

Address: Harbor Island, The Bahamas.

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This stunning island is located on the northwest of Eleuthera Island. The pink sand beaches and turquoise water are the attractions of this island. This island is rich in marine species like turtles, stingrays, colourful fishes etc. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving from here. Also you can visit the Island?s only settlement Dunmore Town.

4. Andros Island

Address: Paradise Island, The Bahamas.

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Andros is the largest among Bahamas Islands. The attractions of this Island are number of underwater caves, barrier reefs and blue holes. This is island is rich in flora and fauna than any other Bahamas Islands. Andros is known as the ?bone fishing capital of the World?. You can enjoy fishing, diving, a walk through forests, bird watching etc.

5. Bimini

Address: Bimini, The Bahamas.

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Bimini is a group of charming islands and situated 80 km east of Miami. It has three islands like North Bimini, East Bimini and South Bimini. The activities you can enjoy here are fishing, sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and there are number of shops, restaurants, boutiques, restaurants etc to make your day with full enjoyment. Bimini is home to number of endemic species.

6. Grand Bahama

Address: W Bay St, Nassau, Bahamas.

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This island is located on the north region of Bahamas. Like any other Bahamas islands, this island is also popular for its pristine beaches. You can take a visit to the largest city in Bahamas is famous for its international Bazar, Xanadu beach, Port Lucaya Marketplace etc. Grand Bahama is rich with natural resources like mangrove swamps, reef-lines coves, rare species of birds and marine life.

7. Abaco Islands

Address: The Bahamas.

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Abaco Islands attracts tourists with its popular diving sites, underwater caves, diverse marine species and colourful coral reefs. The popular attractions are Pelican Cays Land, Sea Park, Walker?s Cay National Park, Old light house in the southeast corner etc. You may get chances to meet sharks, turtles, eagle rays etc from here.

8. Long Island

Address: The Bahamas.

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Long Island Photo

Long Island is known as the most attractive islands in Bahamas with its natural beauty. Dramatic cliffs, serene beaches and colourful coral reefs are the attractions of Long Island. The number of thrilling activities you can enjoy here are boating, diving, fishing, bone-fishing and chances to see the colourful marine life very closely. Dean?s blue hole, the largest blue hole in the World is the highlight of this island.

9. Leon Levy native plant preserve

Address: Banks Rd, Governor's Harbour, Bahamas.

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Leon Levy native plant preserve Photo

This is the first National Park in Bahamas created to preserve native plants and the first in Eleuthera too. The main objective is to conserve natural ecosystems like mangrove forests, wetlands, and woodland coppice. There are educational and research activities also possible. It protects flora, fauna, shrubs, medicinal plants, native trees etc and home for number of birds and butterflies.

10. Lucayan National Park

Address: Bahamas.

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Lucayan National Park Photo

This National Park spreads around 40 acres and was established in 1977. The natural wonder you can explore here is a largest underwater cave system in the World. You can enjoy diving with permission and swimming is not allowed. There are two caves which are open for public.

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