A Trip Through The Treasures Of Aruba Island

Aruba is a beautiful island country attracts travellers through its stunning white sand beaches, sunset views etc. The calm waves allows for swimming and sunbathing. You can enjoy a perfect wedding over here based on your budget plans. Eventhough it?s a small island there are number of natural wonders to explore, museums, National Parks, historic churches etc to explore.

1. Arikok National Park

Address: San Fuego 70, Santa Cruz, Aruba.

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Arikok National Park Photo

Arikok National Park is located in the east coast of Aruba Island. The popular attractions are rich flora& fauna, natural ocean pool named Conchi surrounded by rock formations, fontein Cave with adorable Caquetio Indian rock paintings, Quadiriki Cave, breath -taking mountains with thrilling hiking opportunity. Visiting this National Park is one of the first things you can explore in this Island.

2. Eagle Beach

Address: Eagle Beach, Aruba.

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Eagle Beach Photo

Eagle beach is a favourite visitor attraction with its crystal clear water and white sand stretches. This is awarded as the best Caribbean white sand beach and a paradise for water sports activities, small attractive huts, popular fofoti trees, resorts with reasonable price etc are the attractions of Eagle beach.

3. National Archaeological Museum

Address: Schelpstraat 42, Oranjestad, Aruba.

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National Archaeological Museum Photo

This museum was established in 1980, where you can learn the history of Aruba settlement and is located in Oranjestad city. The exhibition objects dates back from 2500 BCE to 19th century. This was a home for Ecury family and later turned to as a Museum.

4. California Point Lighthouse

Address: L.G. Smith Blvd, Noord, Aruba.

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California Point Lighthouse Photo

This lighthouse is located near to Arashi Beach and stands as a landmark of Aruba. The view from the top of this is just really amazing. The lighthouse is named after the wrecked steamship ?California?. It celebrated the 100th anniversary of this lighthouse on 2016.

5. Donkey Sanctuary

Address: Bringamosa 2-Z, Santa Cruz, Aruba.

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Donkey Sanctuary Photo

This is a non-profit organisation founded in 1997 to save Donkeys. Many years ago they were used as a mode of transportation and the organisation aims to save donkeys from injuries and sickness. It provides education about caring and feeding donkeys for visitors. You can also bring some fruits for feeding them.

6. The Butterfly farm

Address: J.E. Irausquin Blvd, Noord, Aruba.

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The Butterfly farm Photo

There is probably no one in this World those who love cute and colourful butterflies. You can find huge number of colourful butterflies is flying over here with natural surroundings. You can learn evolutionary circles of butterflies from here and there are photographic opportunity available for visitors.

7. Palm Beach

Address: Palm Beach, Aruba.

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Palm Beach Photo

Palm Beach is located near Eagle beach, a favourite destination for swimming in crystal clear waters. There are some popular resorts, restaurants and bars you can find on the sea side. Other things to explore here include Bubali Bird Sanctuary with an observation tower, Old Dutch Windmill of 1960s, and a butterfly farm.

8. Historic Gold Mine ruins

Address: Aruba.

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Historic Gold Mine ruins Photo

There are number of sites where you can find the ruins of Gold mines and gold mills in Aruba. The ruins were built in natural stone and it is stated that Gold was discovered here in 1824, after that Aruba Island Gold Mining Company started a smelter over here for gold called Bushiribana gold mill and another one is Balashi Gold Mill.

9. Fort Zoutman Historical Museum

Address: Zoutmanstraat Oranjestad, Aruba.

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Fort Zoutman Historical Museum Photo

Fort Zoutman was built by Dutch army in 1798 for military purposes in Oranjestad. In 1989 with renovation and restoration, this fort turned as a Historical museum. This is the oldest structure in Aruba Island. It has an attractive lighthouse and a clock tower to visit. The exhibits explains you the past history of Aruba.

10. Chapel of Alto Vista

Address: Noord, Aruba.

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Chapel of Alto Vista Photo

This is the first Catholic chapel in Aruba and looks very small but known as the Pilgrims church in Aruba stands on a hilltop. It was built in 1750 in Neo-Gothic style and painted outside in stark yellow colour. This is a religious monument for visitors.

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