Amazing Things To Do In Roatan, Honduras

Roatan is a beautiful island in Honduras. Popular attractions in this island are palm-fringed beaches, lush green forests, amazing species of plants, birds, and animals, excellent seafood dishes, tropical drinks and many more.

1. West End

Address: West End, Honduras.

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This is a charming coastal town in Roatan and a perfect destination to roam around with your loved ones. You can enjoy shopping, restaurants with delicious seafood dishes, art galleries, stunning beaches, and cold beer parlors.

2. Roatan Rum Company

Address: West Bay, Honduras.

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While visiting here you can understand the manufacturing process, taste some quality rum flavors and one of the best attractions of the company is rum Cakes. This is located in a hilltop where you can enjoy the panoramic views of the West Bay.

3. Snorkeling

Address: Parrot tree Rd, Roatan 34101, Honduras.

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This island is blessed with colorful coral reefs. Snorkeling is the best way through crystal clear waters to explore the tropical marine species on this island. You will get chances to see the World’s second-largest barrier reef named: Mesoamerican Reef.

4. Hiking

Address: 34101 Brass hill road coconut garden, 34101, Honduras.

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Roatan Island is blessed with breath-taking mountains. Hiking would be one of the thrilling activities you can enjoy here. You can enjoy the scenic views of rare species of plants, birds and popular animal views are plenty of iguanas, monkeys, coatis, etc.

5. Half Moon Bay Beach

Address: Main Street, West End, Honduras.

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This beautiful beach is located in the West End and a popular snorkeling destination. It has long soft sand stretches and crystal clear waters. You can enjoy swimming, sunbathing, boating, etc over here and chances to meet colorful marine species like octopus, colorful fishes, and squid.

6. Flamingo Cultural Center

Address: Punta Gorda Rd, Punta Gorda, Honduras.

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If you want to explore the culture and heritage of this island, take a visit to this cultural center. Here you will get chances to interact with Garifuna people in the Bay Islands and their history. You can learn the music, art and traditional dance of this preserved community over here.

7. Ziplining

Address: Coxen Hole, Honduras.

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Here you can enter the each through scenic ziplining arranged by Gumbalimba Park authorities. This par attracts visitors with its natural beauty and chances of seeing an amazing collection of monkeys. And the ziplining towards the beach is known as ‘Monkey Trail Canopy’.

8. Mangrove Tours

Address: Al par de Mom's Kitchen, Roatán, Honduras.

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You can find a rich group of mangroves on this island. You can enjoy kayaking tours through the mangroves and enjoy the sight-seeing.

9. Boating

Address: West End 34101, Honduras.

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This is another thrilling activity you can enjoy in this island. The trips take you the scenic views of this island like breath-taking hills, stunning beaches, tropical forests and chances to see the area where a huge collection of starfishes available.

10. West Bay Beach

Address: West Bay Beach, West Bay, Honduras.

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This is a popular family-friendly beach on this island with crystal clear water and long white sand stretches. You can enjoy plenty of water sports activities here like swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, water jets, etc.

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