Attractions In The Magical Island Of Cyprus

Of course, Cyprus is a magical island in the Mediterranean Sea. This is one of the most populous islands in the World and there are plenty of pristine beaches, historic sites, museums, lakes etc to explore. Here are the best things to do for visitors to Cyprus Island.

1. Kykkos Monastery

Address: F966, Cyprus.

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This is a very famous monastery in Cyprus located on the west of Pedoulas, Cyprus. This is an 11th-century monastery founded by Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos. It is situated on a mountain top so once you reach here you can enjoy the panoramic views of the city. There is a museum where you can find the adorable collections of silver, gold, bronze, brass metals.

2. Tombs of the Kings

Address: Tombs of the Kings Ave 63, Chloraka, Cyprus.

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Since 1980, this historic site is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage list. This is a popular archaeological site in Cyprus where you can find underground tombs of Hellenistic and Roman periods and which are carved out of solid rocks. Most of the high officials were buried here, so the tombs are associated with them. Different styles of stone carvings are really worth to watch.

3. Amphitheatre diving site

Address: Eleftheriou Venizelou, Paphos, Cyprus Paphos CY, 8021, Cyprus.

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If you are a water sports lover, this is a must-visit attraction in Cyprus. This is a popular diving destination in Cyprus located at Coral Bay, Pafos. The diving site looks like an amphitheater in shape, like that it got this name. The peculiarity of this site you can find amazing rock formations, holes, arches and chances to meet colorful marine life too.

4. Kato Paphos Archaeological Park

Address: Paphos, Cyprus.

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If you are an archaeological lover, you will definitely love this site. You can find the ruins of Roman periods. It has great influence on the culture of Greek and Roman people. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and provides information about the prehistoric periods to the middle ages. The floor mosaics, walls etc are really amazing to watch.

5. Hala Sultan Tekke

Address: Tekke Road, Larnaca, Cyprus.

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This mosque is located on the western shore of Larnaca Salt Lake, Cyprus. This mosque is dedicated to Umm Haram, wife of Ubada bin al-Samit who was a companion of the Prophet Muhammed. This is the 4th important Islam Pilgrim center and the mosque is built on the tomb of Umm Haram. The mosque is surrounded by amazing natural beauty.

6. Larnaca salt lake

Address: Larnaca Salt Lake, Larnaca, Cyprus.

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This is a popular bird-watching destination in Cyprus Island. This is a home for different species of native birds as well as can find several migrating birds too. This lake comprised of four salt lakes, and once salt extraction was a popular activity done by locals over here. Long-legged pink birds, flamingos are the major birds you can see more from here.

7. Oleastro Olive Park and Museum

Address: Anogyra, Cyprus.

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This Park was established in 2003 with the intention of planting and maintaining Olive trees and extracting high-quality Olive oils. The Olive Park gives you the information about 60000 years of the civilization of Olive trees, their planting & extraction, etc. There is a playground for kids, an Olive museum, a park, shops with natural olive oil and a restaurant.

8. Coral Bay

Address: Coral Bay, Cyprus.

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Coral Bay is a popular tourist destination in Cyprus Island. It has golden sand stretches and turquoise water and the major feature is rocky headlands and sea caves. This is a popular sunset watching destination and you will get lounges with the umbrella.

9. Morphou Archaeology and Nature Museum

Address: Β6 43, Paphos, Cyprus.

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This is a popular archaeology center in Cyprus. This was an early palace of Bishop Morphou hence the name got for this museum. In 1979, the museum was opened in this building with the collections of stuffed native animals of Cyprus, displays from Neolithic and bronze ages and findings from the Tumba Tou Skuru settlement.

10. Fig Tree Bay

Address: Fig Tree, Protaras, Cyprus.

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This is a perfect family beach in Cyprus and situated at Protaras. Soft sand and crystal clear water and sun lounges & umbrellas are the attractions of this beach. The beach got its name because you can find a very Old Fig tree on this beach. The activities you can enjoy here are coastal boardwalk, sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, coastal hiking trails, etc.

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