Best 10 Hikes In Washington

Find below the amazing hiking destinations in Washington that you can explore in this vacation.

1. Twin Falls

Address: Twin Falls, Washington 98045, USA.

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This is an easy hike that longs for 2 miles and attracts hikers with stunning views of rivers, beautiful mountains, and lush green forests and finally the way leads you to the magical destination of Twin Falls.

2. Maple Pass Loop

Address: Maple Pass, Washington, USA.

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This is one of the beautiful hikes you can enjoy in Washington. Autumn would be the best season where you can find the magic of fall foliage views. This is considered a moderately difficult trail and you need to cover 7.5 miles to complete this trail. This is truly a paradise for visitors.

3. Wildside Trail

Address: Wildside Trail, Washington 98059, USA.

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This is a very easy hike and you need to cover only 4.2 miles to complete this trail. It offers visitors the breath-taking views of Cougar Mountain which is situated at an elevation of 1122 ft. This route is even suits for running comfortably.

4. Big Four Ice Caves

Address: Granite Falls, WA 98252, United States.

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You can find this amazing ice caves in Big Four Mountain. Big Four Ice Cave trial is included in National Recreation Trail and a popular hiking destination in Washington State. The trials started from M. Baker National Forest and ends at the foot of Big Four Mountain. Get ready to enjoy the fascinating views of Ice caves, a rare chance.

5. Thornton Lakes & Trappers Peak

Address: Trappers Peak, Washington 98283, USA.

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This trail is rated as a difficult one and if you love adventure, you can enjoy this hike. Even though you need to follow steep terrain and if you are experienced hiker, this wouldn’t be a problem for you. Trappers Peak is situated at an elevation of 290ft and offers you the stunning views of lakes, valleys, etc.

6. Rattlesnake Ledge

Address: Rattlesnake Ridge, Washington 98045, USA.

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This is comparatively as an easy lake and the highest attraction of this hike is stunning views of Chester Morse Lake and Cedar River watershed. The highest point is located at an elevation of 2078 ft.

7. Cascade Pass

Address: Cascade Pass, Washington, USA.

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If you want to enjoy the stunning views of ice glaciers and green mountains, this trail would be the best one. Even from the parking lot itself, you can start enjoying the sceneries. It is a strenuous trail and you need to cover 12miles and it is situated at an elevation of 4000ft.

8. Lime Kiln Trail

Address: Lime Kiln Trail, Washington 98252, USA.

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This easy trail you can explore in a half-day itself. This trail is situated in the North Cascades and you can enjoy the views of jungles and beautiful rivers.

9. Hidden Lake Lookout

Address: Cascade River Rd, Marblemount, WA 98267, United States.

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This is moderately a difficult trail and the greatest views you can enjoy through this trail are the views of southern North Cascades National Park and the Glacier Peak Wilderness. You need to follow paths through dense forests, lakes, and rivers. The views from lookout point are stunning.

10. Poo Poo Point

Address: Poo Poo Point Trail, Washington 98027, USA.

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This is a moderate trail and you need to cover 7.4 miles to complete this trail. Paragliding is a popular activity you can enjoy here and other natural attractions are views of creeks, bushes, and wildflowers.

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