Best 10 Places To Visit In Bolivia

Bolivia is a South-American country with a lot of natural attractions like charming lakes, National Parks, rugged mountains, salt flats, archaeological sites, colonial architecture, nature reserves, beautiful cities, silver mines, etc.

1. Madidi National Park

Address: Bolivia.

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This National Park was established in 1995, one of the biologically diverse lands on earth. This is the largest protected area in Bolivia. The park is rich in flora & fauna like rivers, grasslands, tropical jungles, snow-capped mountains, lakes, archaeological sites, etc. This park also houses rare species of flowers, medicinal plants, rare species of birds & animals too.

2. Yungas Road

Address: N Yungas Rd, Bolivia.

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If you love adventure, then only you can enjoy a ride through this road. This is popularly known as the �death road� because of its condition. Traveling through this road is quite dangerous and but you can enjoy bike riding with proper Care. Also, you can enjoy the spectacular views of nature while passing.

3. Lake Titicaca

Address: Lake Titicaca.

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This is a favorite tourist destination in Bolivia. This is one of the largest lakes in South America with amazing scenic views. It also recognized as the highest navigable lake in the World. Things you can enjoy here are boat riding, fresh sea-food dishes, ancient Inca ruins, you can find a number of shops, restaurants & bars in nearby streets.

4. La Paz

Address: La Paz, Bolivia.

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This is the National Administrative Capital of Bolivia. It is situated on the Andes� Altiplano plateau at more than 3,500m above sea level. The city is filled with modern architectural buildings, cafes, luxury shops, restaurants, etc. Also, there are chances to explore historic sites and colonial architecture over here.

5. Salar de Uyuni

Address: Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia.

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This site becomes popular because you can find World�s largest salt flats which were formed by a prehistoric lake. Rainy season would be the best time to visit here, where this salt flats looks like a mirror where you can see the clear sky on it.

6. Tiwanaku

Address: Tiwanaku, Bolivia.

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This is a popular archaeological site in Bolivia where you can see the ruins of an ancient city. Popular attractions in this site are Pre-Columbian Tiwanaku culture, the Akapana pyramid, Kalasasaya open temple with great arches, Museo del Sitio de Tiwanaku with the ancient collections from this site.

7. Sucre

Address: Sucre, Bolivia.

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This is a beautiful city in Bolivia founded in the 14th century by Spanish Colonials. There are a lot of historic sites you can find in this city like Museo Universitario Charcas which houses religious artifacts & gallery for contemporary arts, Catedral Metropolitana which is a colonial church, whitewashed Casa de la Libertad with the importance of the site where declared the signing of Bolivia�s independence.

8. Oruro Carnival

Address: Oruro, Bolivia.

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This religious festival of Bolivia is included in the list of UNESCO's Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. This festival dates back around 200 years and considered one of the biggest folkloric events in South America. It consists of ethnic dance performances with 28,000 dances, with musicians.

9. Cerro Rico

Address: Cerro Rico, Bolivia.

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This is was the greatest silver mining destination in Bolivia. Here you can travel through the mountain�s narrow and claustrophobic tunnels with guides. Visitors can also visit Casa Nacional de Moneda, a museum that once housed the royal mint and explores the old mines in this site.

10. Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve

Address: Bolivia.

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This nature reserve was established in 1973, one of the most protected areas, especially for endangered vicuna and the llareta plant in Bolivia. The natural attractions in this park are red lakes, rugged mountains & desert plains. Also, you can find volcanoes, hot springs, geysers, fumaroles etc from here.

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