Best Brazilian Beaches

Explore the largest South American country upon your budget plan. Brazilian beauty includes some of the best beaches, festivals, special foods, varied cultures, colonial towns, etc. The beauty of tropical beaches here is the major factor that attracts more tourists from across the world every year. You will be also happy with friendly people, typical Brazilian cuisines and so many things. Let's enjoy some memorable moments with Brazilian beaches.

1. Copacabana Beach

Address: R. Copacabana - Jardim Gaivotas, São Paulo - SP, Brazil.

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No doubt that this is the best and most populous beach in Brazil. This is a perfect destination if you are looking for a party or event-oriented holiday. This beach is famous for New Year celebrations and mostly FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup is conducting here. White sandy beaches, clear blue waters, surrounding beauty, etc attracts millions of people here. You can also find some best resorts and restaurants over here.

2. Jericoacoara

Address: Av. Nove de Julho, 1021 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, 01314-050, Brazil.

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As the name indicates Jericoacoara beach is extremely beautiful with blue lagoons; 'Jeri ' means 'blue lagoon'. It is listed as one among the top 10 beautiful beaches in the World by 'The Washington Post'. You can find several places where the sun sinks in the ocean, especially there is a place favorite for visitors for sunset watching known as 'sunset dune'. Windsurfing and sailing are popular activities over here.

3. Praia de Pipa

Address: Pipa Beach, State of Rio Grande do Norte, 59178-000, Brazil.

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By situating near Natal city, Praia de Pipa is one of the vibrant beaches in Brazil. The peculiar feature of this beach is white sand, clear blue water and a destination for windsurfing. Even though the area is less, but it has a number of fine hotels, restaurants, bars and other amenities in your fingertips.

4. Praia dos Carneiros

Address: PE-072, Tamandaré - PE, 55578-000, Brazil.

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Praia dos Carneiros is considered as a perfect beach for relaxing from all busy lives. You will get boat tour facilities with the best ocean views at a reasonable price. This beautiful beach is located on the Southern coast of Pernambuco State. You enjoy the surrounding beauty includes corals, plants, rivers and a historic church over here.

5. Taipus de Fora

Address: Praia de Taipus de Fora s/n Taipu de Fora, Maraú - BA, 45520-000, Brazil.

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The word 'Taipus' represents 'rounded hills' situated in the Marau Peninsula. Natural pools are the top attraction of this beach. Taipus is popular for snorkeling and swimming and you can also find some reasonable restaurants, resorts, and bars near to the beach.

6. Baia do Sancho

Address: Praía do Sancho, State of Pernambuco, Brazil.

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This beach is located on Fernando Island and one among the best beaches in the World. The natural beauty and clear blue waters are the highlights of this beach. Swimming & snorkeling are the popular activities you can do here. Restaurants offer delicious Brazilian flavors and comfort stay guaranteed resorts also you can find here.

7. Lopes Mendes Beach

Address: Lopes Mendes, Angra dos Reis - RJ, Brazil.

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Lopes Mendes Beach is a perfect spot enjoying your family vacation. The crystal clear water enables swimming, surfing and snorkeling more easily, also you can view marine life very closely. This is a wide beach and very natural so that you cannot find good resorts & restaurants near to this beach. But sure, peacefully you can enjoy some moments over here.

8. Santos Beach

Address: Av. Pres. Wilson, 80 - Gonzaga, Santos - SP, 11065-200, Brazil.

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Santos Beach is located in the heart of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The highest attraction of this beach is it has 'longest beach garden in the world'. Most entertaining water sports activities are ready for you here and enjoy some of the best coffee flavors of Brazil. All age's people of a family have something to do on this beach. Precious marine life like dolphins & whales can see very closely here.

9. Ilha de Tinhare

Address: Morro de São Paulo, Cairu - State of Bahia, 45420-000, Brazil.

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Situating on the municipality of Cairu, Ilha de Tinhare is one of the lovely beaches in Brazil. Scuba diving and windsurfing are the top attractions of this beach. Also, you can enjoy a comfortable stay in nearby resorts and restaurants with delicious foods.

10. Praia do Forno

Address: Oven's Beach, Arraial do Cabo - State of Rio de Janeiro, 28930-000, Brazil.

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This was a renowned fishing village in Buzios, Brazil. You can enjoy a family vacation here with all entertainments. Snorkeling, swimming, fishing is the major activities you can enjoy here. Also can see marine life very closely. The restaurants here offer fresh seafood for tourists and can enjoy a fine stay over here.

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