Best Hiking Destinations In Colorado

Here are the amazing hiking trails you can explore in Colorado.

1. Longs Peak

Address: Longs Peak, Colorado 80510, USA.

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This is a paradise for hiking lovers. You can explore this hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. Climbing the very Great Colorado Peak is the highest attraction of this trail and it is situated at an elevation of 5000 feet and you need to hike 14.5 miles to complete this trail.

2. Four Pass Loop

Address: Maroon Bells, Colorado 81654, USA.

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This is a favorite hiking destination for visitors in Colorado. Here you can explore unlimited beauty of waterfalls, beautiful alpine lakes, wildflowers and woodlands. The highest attraction of this hike is the beauty of the Maroon Bells wilderness and this is an easy and most entertaining hike you can enjoy.

3. Hanging Lake

Address: Hanging Lake, Colorado 81601, USA.

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This charming lake is a popular tourist destination in Colorado. This is a national natural landmark and through a thrilling hike, you can reach over here. There is a beautiful waterfall that flows from a set of holes in the limestone cliffs of Dead Horse Canyon which is the main source of fresh water to this lake. You can also enjoy handing gardens and turquoise water of this lake.

4. Pikes Peak

Address: Pikes Peak, Colorado 80809, USA.

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This is a paradise for hiking lovers. This is one of the highest peaks in Colorado with an elevation of 4,302 m and the peak is named after an American explorer Zebulon Pike. This was homes for ski resorts once and the views from the upper portion are really breath-taking. There are so many visitor centers and natural attractions you can enjoy here.

5. Black Canyon

Address: Colorado, United States.

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This is located in Gunnison National Park in the Western region of Colorado. Sharp cliffs and steep spires in Gunnison River are the top attraction of this site. This is a popular hiking and camping destination in Colorado. The hiking offers you the dramatic views of painted wall cliffs and surrounding natural beauty.

6. Mount Evans

Address: Mt Evans, Colorado 80439, USA.

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If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful scenic byways, a trip to Mount Evans is worth enough. Through the State Highway 103 way you can experience the highest paved road in North America. The peak is rich with variety of flora & fauna. You can enjoy a thrilling hiking trial over here.

7. La Plata Peak

Address: La Plata Peak, Colorado 81211, USA.

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This would be an amazing experience for you to climb this peak. You can continue the hike by enjoying the natural beauty and the views from the top of the summit are really incredible. You can find a twin lake on the bottom of this mountain where you can enjoy swimming.

8. Blue Lakes Trail

Address: Blue Lakes Trail, Colorado, USA.

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The highest attraction of this trail is the breath-taking views of San Juan Mountain range. Also enjoy the views of charming lakes, valleys that filled with wildflowers, and enjoying the stunning views of Blue Lakes. You can enjoy a moderate trail over here.

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