Best Hiking Destinations In Idaho

Here is the list of amazing hiking destinations in Idaho

1. Lake Coeur d'Alene

Address: Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA.

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This beautiful lake is 25 miles long and surrounded by breath-taking mountains and forests. Here you can enjoy the number of activities like hiking, boating, sailing, fishing, picnicking, etc. There is a parkway on the north shore of this lake and the parkway is included in the popular North Idaho Centennial Trail.

2. Snake River

Address: Snake River, United States.

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It flows through Snake River plane of Southern Idaho and considered as the largest North American River. Here is the point of beautiful sceneries, fishing points, vegetation, wildlife etc. You can explore this trail in Hells Canyon. Even though this is a 27-mile long hike, the views are amazing.

3. Sawtooth Lake Trail

Address: Sawtooth Lake, Idaho 83637, USA.

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Winter is the best season for this trail which offers you the spectacular views of melting icebergs and the stunning views of Sawtooth Lake. The highest attraction of this trail is Mount Regan and the views from the summit are incredible.

4. Big Elk Creek Trail

Address: Big Elk Creek Rd, Idaho 83428, USA.

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The trail along with this beautiful stream leads you to the spectacular views of the Snake River Mountains. The area would attract visitors like beautiful flowers in the spring season, foliage views in autumn season and chances of seeing rare species of birds and animals over here.

5. Fishhook Creek Trail

Address: Fishhook Creek Rd, Idaho, USA.

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This is an easy trail and attracts visitors with stunning views. Some of the beautiful things to enjoy here are amazing valleys filled with wildflowers, breath-taking views of Horstmann Peak, charming streams and rare species of animals.

6. Table Mountain

Address: Table Mountain, Alta, WY 83414, USA.

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This 25-mile long trail is a moderate one and if you are an experienced hiker you can finish it in a single day. Amazing views you can enjoy once you reach the summit are the face of Grand Teton and stunning views of glacial valleys.

7. Bench Lakes Trail

Address: Bench Lakes, Idaho 83637, USA.

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This trail leads you to enjoy the stunning views of five charming lakes. You can start this trail along with Bench Lake you can enjoy the incredible views of ridges above Redfish Lake. This is one of the most photographed regions in Idaho.

8. Goat Falls Trail

Address: Goat Lake, Idaho 83637, USA.

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If you want to explore the beauty largest waterfall in Sawtooth, this is the best trail. From the base of the fall, you can start hiking and the ways are a little bit strenuous but the views are incredible. The fall flowing from Goat Lake and on the way, you can enjoy woodlands, mountains, and valleys.

9. Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail

Address: 9200 ID-97, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814, United States.

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Apart from hiking with incredible views, if you are looking for a recreation area, this trail would be the best. This is an easy hike and you need to cover only 3.3 miles with incredible views of charming lakes, migratory birds, waterfalls, etc.

10. Boulder City

Address: Boulder, ID 83340, USA.

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Boulder city trail is a short and easy trail offers visitors the best views of mountains, charming lakes and a tour to funny ghost town over here.

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