Best Snorkeling Beach Vacations

Snorkeling is not only a mere water sport item; it's an art and a passion for sea lovers. With the clear blue water by enjoying the beauty of the underwater world and rare species would be an unforgettable experience for snorkeling lovers. Here are some best snorkeling destinations to enjoy your vacation.

1. Big Island, Hawaii

Address: Island of Hawai'i, Hawaii, USA.

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Big Island, Hawaii Photo

Kahalu'u best is well known for snorkeling in Big Island. The clear blue waters, rare species of marine life, easy accessibility etc. makes Kahalu'u beach for best-snorkeling destinations in Hawaii. This is the perfect place for snorkeling beginners. Calm water contains tons of fish varieties and turtles, remember not to touch marine species while snorkeling. This family beach has all facilities like the pavilion, restrooms, and restaurants.

2. Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean

Address: Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.

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Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean Photo

The famous Seven Mile Beach is famous for Snorkeling in Grand Cayman. This beach is famous for White sand and crystal blue water that enables you to see the underground species so easily. You can capture the fishes and coral reefs in your underwater camera. People are ranked this beast as the best snorkeling point on the west.

3. The Seychelles, Indian Ocean

Address: Kempinski Resort, Seychelles, Seychelles.

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The Seychelles, Indian Ocean Photo

The Seychelles beaches are rich with surgeonfishes, parrotfishes, turtles, and coral reefs. It is a paradise for snorkeling lovers and contains a large number of precious marine species. The Praslin Islands, La Digue Islands are the top best beaches for snorkeling. The peculiarity of this island is at any time and anywhere you can do snorkeling that means so safe and enjoyable.

4. Palawan Island, Philippines

Address: Palawan, Philippines.

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Palawan Island, Philippines Photo

Siete Pecados, Coral Garden, Matinloc Island are the best beaches for snorkeling in Palawan Island. The beauty of snorkeling can be seen here because of the clear blue waters, a variety of fishes, colorful corals, and rare marine creatures. Snorkeling would be a great experience for you.

5. Maldives, Indian Ocean

Address: South Atoll, Alifu Atoll 00200, 3.8853495, 72.7275221,18, Moofushi Island, Maldives.

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Maldives, Indian Ocean Photo

The Maldives, the Island Nation is famous for nothing other than snorkeling. Bandos Maldives, Baros Maldives is top snorkeling points here. They are rich with independent reefs, lagoons, and more than 700 species of marine life. Various luxury resorts also there for a comfortable stay. This island is suitable for beginners also.

6. Simian Islands, Thailand

Address: Similan Islands, Lam Kaen, Thai Mueang District, Phang-nga, Thailand.

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Simian Islands, Thailand Photo

There are nine major islands and all are equally good for snorkeling. Clear blue water, white sand beaches, a variety of marine life are the peculiarity of these Islands. This is a National Park named Mu KO Similan.

7. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Address: Sea Grape Drive San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize.

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Ambergris Caye, Belize Photo

Snorkeling by enjoying the Caribbean beauty, Ambergris Caye is the best place. This is the largest Island in Belize. The underwater is rich with dolphins, tropical fish, and rays. Here you can see the second longest reefs in the World. Hol can Marine reserve, Turneffe Reef Atoll, Coral Gardens are the favorite place for snorkel lovers.

8. Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Address: Great Barrier Reef, QLD, Australia.

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Great Barrier Reef, Australia Photo

Great Barrier Reef is famous for the largest coral reef ecosystem in the World contains 1000s of Reefs and 100s of Islands and 600 varieties of corals. The underwater world is rich with colorful fishes, dolphins, starfish, turtles, and sharks. This is a UNESCO World heritage site hope you understand the importance of this area.

9. Oahu Island, Hawaii

Address: O‘ahu, Hawaii, USA.

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Oahu Island, Hawaii Photo

The famous beaches for snorkeling in Oahu Island are Sharks Cove, Hanauma Bay and Kahe Point Beach Park. Clear blue waters, natural beauty, and white sand beaches make snorkeling a great experience here. You can have direct traveling through more than 450 species of fishes and many other marine lives.

10. Bunaken Island, Indonesia

Address: Bunaken, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Bunaken Island, Indonesia Photo

This is a National Marine Park founded in 1991 to save precious marine species. This park consists of 5 islands all are equally well known for snorkeling. This island is a favorite place for snorkeling lovers because of the easy accessibility, the shallow water, and incredible marine species.

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