Best Things To Do In Trinidad And Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago are less explored beautiful twin island sisters in The Caribbean. It has various beautiful natural diversities to offer and considered as one of the high-income earning economies and petroleum products are the major source of revenue. This land of the carnival is rich in many beautiful white sand beaches, forest areas, mountains, rivers, streams, marine lives, freshwater dams, and savannah. Here is the list of some best things to do in Trinidad and Tobago

1. Queen's Park Savannah

Address: 11 Queen's Park E, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Queen's Park Savannah Photo

Queen's Park has been established in the 19th Century to protect the nature and wildlife located in the Port of Spain, the capital city of Trinidad and Tobago. This park is famous for Savannah where most of the sports activities take place once. Here you can visit the Emperor Valley Zoo and Royal Botanical Gardens. Near to it, you can see a Queen's Hall where major art forms are performing here. Popular carnivals are happening on the Grand side and you can see the 'Magnificent seven houses' on the Maraval road.

2. Pigeon Point, Tobago

Address: Pigeon Point Beach Tobago, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Pigeon Point, Tobago Photo

This is one of the popular Islands in Tobago and often called Pigeon Point Heritage Park. Beautiful white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and World famous thatch-roofed jetty. Various water sports activities, shopping centers, resorts, restaurants, and Bars are ready to treat guests in a standard manner. You can spend a family vacation here with all the amenities.

3. Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain

Address: Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Holy Trinity Cathedral, Port of Spain Photo

This is an Anglican Cathedral in Port of Spain and included in the list of 'Heritage Asset Register'. This Cathedral is worth to watch due to its architecture. This was constructed in blue limestone and yellow bricks. This is one of the oldest sculptures still surviving in Port of Spain. The top attractions are pinnacle buttresses, steeply pitched roofs, and lancet windows.

4. National Museum and Art Gallery, Port of Spain

Address: Frederick St, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

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National Museum and Art Gallery, Port of Spain Photo

This National Museum was established in 1892 in Port of Spain. It is divided into 7 areas based on specialized displays. It is situated on the top portion of Frederick Street. This was started as 'Royal Victoria Institute' and the colonial style of architecture is attracting many tourists every year. The museum has an audio-visual room for education purpose, a gallery of Trinidad carnival arts, national art collection and petroleum, and geological exhibits.

5. Cocoa Estate, Tobago

Address: Trinidad & Tobago.

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Cocoa Estate, Tobago Photo

This Estate offers a tour to the Cocoa plantations and helps you to understand how this is using in chocolate production and also you can get a chance to taste the delicious award-winning chocolate over here. This estate is owned by Duane Dove family. The quality of the chocolates made this group special and a tour to this estate would be a great experience for you.

6. Englishman's Bay

Address: Englishmans Bay, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Englishman's Bay Photo

This is a beautiful Island which is a famous snorkeling point in Trinidad and Tobago. The clear blue water enables you to views marine life clearly while snorkeling. The crescent shape of this beach looks so attractive and surrounded by tropical forests. White sand beaches are suits for sports activities and relaxing.

7. Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Port of Spain

Address: 65 Orange Grove Rd, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Caroni Bird Sanctuary, Port of Spain Photo

Caroni bird sanctuary is situated on the Caroni Swamp, the second largest mangrove wetland in Trinidad and Tobago. This area is rich with numerous plants, rare species of birds and animals. This site is popular for bird watching and more than 100 rare species of birds you can watch here. Here you can find the National bird of Trinidad 'The Scarlet Ibis' and tours and guides are available here.

8. Nylon Pool, Tobago

Address: Reef, and Tobago, Buccoo, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Nylon Pool, Tobago Photo

Nylon Pool is situated near to Pigeon Point is popular for swimming and attracts a large number of tourists. You can get boat facility to this pool from Pigeon Point. This is located south of Buccoo reef, famous for coral reefs. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are the peculiarities of this pool.

9. Fort King George, Scarborough

Address: Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Fort King George, Scarborough Photo

This Fort was built in the 1770s by British and situated on the top of Scarborough Hill. This was an important military hub of the British Army. Now, this Fort is famous for Tobago Museum and the top attractions are watching sunsets, views from the top of the hills, beautiful Bacolet bay, etc. The museum exhibits military relics, Amerindian artifacts, shells and colonial period documents.

10. Argyle Waterfall, Tobago

Address: Roxborough, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Argyle Waterfall, Tobago Photo

This is the highest waterfall in Tobago with the height of 54meters. The waterfalls into 3 different pools would be a fantastic visual feast for tourists. Swimming in the clear water ponds surrounded by jungle will be a nice experience for you.

11. Chaguaramas Military History and Aerospace Museum

Address: Trinidad & Tobago.

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Chaguaramas Military History and Aerospace Museum Photo

This is a favorite museum for children those who love airplanes. Here you can understand the history of military practices, items used by military people and their photographs.

12. Fort Milford

Address: 68-70 Sackville St, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Fort Milford Photo

This fort was built in the 1850s on the shore of Milford Haven Waterway. From here you will get panoramic views of store bay beach and surrounded natural sceneries. Beautiful gardens are maintained around the fort.

13. Asa Wright Nature Centre

Address: Spring Hill Estate, PO Box 4710, Arima, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Asa Wright Nature Centre Photo

This nature center welcomes you with 159 species of birds and one of the top bird watching destinations in Trinidad. With the rare species of birds, this centre attracts so many tourists every year. This is a scientific research center and nature resort located in the Arima Valley.

14. Little Tobago Island

Address: Little Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago.

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Little Tobago Island Photo

This small island is surrounded by forest is home to numerous birds and animals. This is an important breeding site for sea birds.

15. Genesis Nature Park, Tobago

Address: 2-6 Grandy Gully, Goodwood, Trinidad & Tobago.

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Genesis Nature Park, Tobago Photo

This is a family owned Nature park maintaining rare species of beautiful birds and an art gallery. It has various guest rooms and chances of interacting with birds and conducting events too within the surrounded tropical gardens.

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