Enjoy A Memorable Vacation At The Magical Island Of Jamaica.

Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea which is famous for its Islands. It is rich with its Lush topography of Mountains, Reef-lined beaches & Rain forests. It is a perfect place to fix up your vacation, will be attracted with Jamaican beauty. Enjoy the limitless love of Jamaica.

1. Seven Mile beach

Address: Jamaica.

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This is the most popular and attractive beach situated at Negril, Jamaica. The very long white sand stretches, clear blue waters make this a favorite tourist destination. Things you can enjoy here are swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling, beach walks, etc. The clear water enables you to view the colorful marine life very clearly.

2. Boston Beach

Address: Boston Beach, Jamaica.

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The high wave energy makes this a favorite windsurfing destination. This is located on the north coast of the Jamaican islands. Large rocks dominated on the sides of this beach. The beach has all facilities for visitors include a jerk center, surfing shop, restaurant, bar, toilet, shower and changing rooms facilities.

3. Blue Mountain National Park

Address: Jamaica.

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This is a UNESCO World Heritage site located on the eastern edge of Jamaica. This is a popular hiking and camping destination and a paradise for nature lovers. You can enjoy visiting the famous coffee plantations over here and taste the real natural coffee from here.

4. Dunn�s River falls

Address: 9 The Queens Dr, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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This is a popular waterfall in Jamaica located near Ocho Rios. The popular activity does by visitors over here is climbing the falls. The area is really cool due to the lush vegetation and shades of trees. The waterfall is nearly 200 feet tall and runs a 600-foot distance over natural rock terraces and it empties into the Caribbean Sea.

5. Doctor�s cave beach

Address: Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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If you want to enjoy a luxury beach vacation this is the right place. You will get all luxurious amenities over here like high price foods, cruise trips, luxury resorts, etc. The things you can explore here are snorkeling, kayaking, riding water scooters, also you will get rented umbrellas, towels, and beach chairs, swimming, etc.

6. Blue Lagoon

Address: Calypso Dr, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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Blue lagoon is located at port Antonio, a must-visit natural attraction in Jamaica. You can visit the blue lagoon with an exciting boat trip. The clear blue waters surrounded by lush green forests are really am amazing visual feast for visitors. The water is very cool and swimming in milky blue water is really a different experience.

7. Parasailing

Address: Sunset Beach Hotel, Sunset Dr, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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If you want to enjoy the beauty of Jamaican beaches from a birds-eye, go for parasailing. It would be really a thrilling experience for you. You can enjoy parasailing over here at a reasonable price.

8. Bob Marley Museum

Address: 19 Water Ln, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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This was the home for the music legend, Bob Marley. You can find a recording studio, personal artifacts, living rooms, furniture etc from here. Also, you will get his records from the nearby gift shop.

9. Jamaican food

Address: Gloucester Ave, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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Ackee fruit and saltfish is a traditional and national dish of Jamaica. Blighia sapida is another name of this dish. Don�t miss to taste this tasty traditional dish from here.

10. Weddings in Jamaica

Address: Fairfield Rd, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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Jamaica is a popular wedding destination in the World. The pristine islands are the perfect spot for heavenly weddings. There is a number of resorts that offer world-class wedding experiences for visitors with all amenities.

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