Enjoy A Memorable Vacation In Slovenia With Family

Slovenia is a beautiful Central European country with a lot of natural attractions like charming lakes, underground caves, stunning valleys, vibrant tows, historic castles, and ski resorts.

1. Lake Bled

Address: Lake Bled, 4260 Bled, Slovenia.

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This is a charming lake in Slovenia with unlimited surrounding natural beauty. You can enjoy the beauty of leaf-peeping at its best from here with a warm climate, an excellent photographic spot to capture this magical season into your camera. Also, explore a stunning castle and breath-taking mountain views from here.

2. Ljubljana

Address: Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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This is the beautiful Capital city of Slovenia. Popular things you can enjoy in this vibrant city are Museum of Modern art with amazing collection of paintings & sculptures, for knowing more about the history of Slovenia take a visit to National Museum of Slovenia, the very beautiful Ljubljana River which divides the Old town and commercial center and you can find number of cafes, boutiques, restaurants, etc on both sides, and the very beautiful Tivoli Park.

3. Lake Bohinj

Address: Lake Bohinj, 4265 Bohinjsko jezero, Slovenia.

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This beautiful lake is considered as the largest permanent lake in Slovenia which spreads around 318 hectares. This glacier lake is situated on the Triglav National Park of the Julian Alps. The area is surrounded with amazing natural beauty and this is the perfect spot to spend some fresh moments with your family.

4. Piran

Address: 6330 Piran, Slovenia.

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This coastal city catches the attention of visitors due to its amazing Venetian architecture and its long pier. You can find narrow streets, tasty local dishes, beautiful beaches with sunset watching spots, St. George’s Cathedral, 19th century Town Hall, Tartini Square with attractions of Gothic red Venetian House and the frescoed Tartini House.

5. The Postojna cave

Address: Jamska cesta 30, 6230 Postojna, Slovenia.

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This is one of the longest cave systems in Slovenia which spreads around 24,340 m long. This is considered as one of the most visited underground cave systems in the World. You can find amazing stone sculptures, karst corridors, galleries, corridors, etc. It also houses a double-track railway where visitors can enjoy train rides.

6. Kranjska Gora

Address: 4280 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia.

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This is a favorite destination for visitors in Slovenia. This is a beautiful town in Northwestern Slovenia. This town will be more populous during the winter season with various recreational activities. Nordic Center Planica is the best destination for these. Also visit Zelenci Nature Reserve with various species of birds, Liznjek House with furniture and other tools exhibitions and visit the wooden Russian Chapel.

7. Predjama Castle

Address: 6230 Predjama, Slovenia.

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This castle is situated in a cave mouth and attracts visitors with stunning Gothic architecture. It was built during the 12th century and considered the largest cave castle in the world. This cave is also featured in so many movies.

8. Logar valley

Address: Logarska Dolina 9, 3335 Solčava, Slovenia.

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This beautiful valley is situated in the Kamnik Alps attracts the number of nature lovers. You can enjoy the views of beautiful waterfalls, breath-taking mountains and rare species of plants and flowers. Popular activities you can do here are ski touring, cross-country skiing, hiking, etc.

9. Lipica

Address: 6210 Lipica, Slovenia.

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If you love the horse, this would be a perfect destination for you. This stud farm is home to numerous Lipizzaner horses. Lipica is considered as a historical monument of Slovenia. You can visit the oldest stables, Lipikum Museum, Museum of Carriages and enjoy the graceful movements of these elegant creatures very closely.

10. Skocjan Caves

Address: Matavun 12, 6215 Divača, Slovenia.

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This is another natural wonder you can explore in Slovenia. This is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage site. This cave is the best example of contact karst and notable for its aesthetic value. It attracts lakhs of visitors every year.

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