Explore The 11 Stunning Beaches In The Land Of Midnight Sun - Norway

Norway becomes a favorite tourist destiny because of its varied natural sceneries includes coastal fjords, mountains, beaches, glaciers, and historical museums. If you are planning to spend a beach vacation, here is the number of stunning beaches in Norway.

1. Ramberg, Lofoten

Address: Lofoten, Norway.

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Ramberg, Lofoten Photo

You can find the beautiful Ramberg beach in Lofoten Islands, Nordland country. You can easily reach here through E10 road. This beach attracts you with clear water, white sand and includes popular water sports activities like surfing, kayaking, paddling and a great spot for Whale watching on Norway.

2. Mjelle, Bodo

Address: Mjelle, 8016 Bodø, Norway.

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Mjelle, Bodo Photo

The highest attraction of Mjelle beach is red sand and a great photographic spot. This is considered as Norway's best child-friendly beach and popular swimming spot during summer. It is normally said that the color difference is due to the garnet particles and the water is rich with mineral contents.

3. Ingierstrand, Oslo

Address: Ingierstrandveien 27, 1420 Svartskog, Norway.

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Ingierstrand, Oslo Photo

This is one of the best family beaches in Oslo, the eastern part of Fjord. Due to the increasing number of visitors, this beach is renovated in 2013. Funkis -style tower is the highest attraction of this site, and resorts and restaurants offer you a comfortable stay and dining.

4. Karmoy Beach, Haugesund

Address: Aksnesstranda, 5541 Kolnes, Norway.

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Karmoy Beach, Haugesund Photo

It will take nearly a few minutes to travel from Haugesund to this stunning family beach. This is a great spot for windsurfing and swimming because of the calm waves. The surrounding and water are very clean and summer is the best time to take a visit to this beach.

5. Solastranden, Stavanger

Address: Axel Lunds veg 27, 4055 Sola, Norway.

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Solastranden, Stavanger Photo

Sola beach is a popular destination for windsurfing and other water sports activities. It is considered as one of the beautiful beaches in the World by Sunday Times. You can also enjoy fishing, camping and hunting over here.

6. Akrasanden, Karmoy

Address: Åkrasanden, 4270 Åkrehamn, Norway.

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Akrasanden, Karmoy Photo

Akrasanden is one of the most beautiful beaches in Norway with white sand and clear waters, apart from these; it is a popular hiking site; the trial is from Akrahamn, the northern part of this beach to Ferkingstad. Also, you can enjoy sunbathing, kite flying and visiting historical monuments near to this beach.

7. Kvalvika Beach, Moskenes

Address: Kvalvika, 8387 Fredvang, Norway.

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Kvalvika Beach, Moskenes Photo

This is one of the best beaches in Lofoten Island. Through 1 hour hike over a low mountain pass, you can reach this beautiful beach. This is suitable for 2-3 days camping and you can enjoy the best sceneries of the beach from the top of Ryten, a mountain on the right side of this beach.

8. Bystranda, Kristiansand

Address: Bystranda, 4608 Kristiansand, Norway.

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Bystranda, Kristiansand Photo

By locating at the heart of Kristiansand city, it attracts a number of visitors easily. This is a favorite beach for children because it has a number of entertainment activities for the whole family. It surprises you with the amenities like sand volleyball court, playground, bathrobes stair, seating areas, etc.

9. Storoyodden, Baerum

Address: 1364 Fornebu, Norway.

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Storoyodden, Baerum Photo

Storoyodden is the best family beach in Baerum municipality. The things which will attract visitors are volleyball courts, stand up paddlers, kiosk, sunbathing and playgrounds.

10. Hauklandstranda, Lofoten

Address: Uttakleivveien 200, 8370 Leknes, Norway.

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Hauklandstranda, Lofoten Photo

This is an amazing beach in Lofoten catch your eyes with clear blue waters and white sand. There is a number of resorts with International standards and restaurants offer you some of the best local tastes.

11. Huk, Oslo

Address: Strømsborgveien 57, 0287 Oslo, Norway.

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Huk, Oslo Photo

Huk is popularly known as favorite for youngsters with many water sports activities. This beach is safe for swimming, cycling, volleyball courts, etc. It is also nice to spend some wonderful moments with dearest ones.

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