Explore The Beauty Of Waterfalls In Usa

The USA is blessed with many beautiful natural waterfalls. Most of them are unique with their own beauty and structure. The waterfalls over here are one of the favorite tourist attractions here. It is really amazing to see how they are falling from such a height very closely. You can also have a fresh bath from the nearby ponds also. Let's explore the natural beauty of US National Parks.

1. Multnoma falls, Oregon

Address: Multnomah Falls, Oregon 97014, USA.

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Multnoma falls, Oregon Photo

More than 2 million visitors are coming here to enjoy this waterfall. It is situated in Columbia River George with a height of 620ft. This is one of the oldest waterfalls in the US and tallest one in Oregon. In 1981, the waterfalls & surrounding areas are included in 'National Register of Historic Places '. The falls split into upper and lower falls and definitely this would be an unforgettable scenic memory for you.

2. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Address: Havasu Falls, Arizona 86435, USA.

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Havasu Falls, Arizona Photo

Havasu Waterfalls are located inside the Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, US. The watercolor of blue and green is the top attraction of this waterfall. A number of pools also you can find on the bottom of this waterfall. The waterfalls flow just like a single stream. You can enjoy a thrilling hiking experience and there are lot many things to see in this National Park.

3. Niagara Waterfalls, Ontario

Address: Niagara Falls, NY 14303, United States.

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Niagara Waterfalls, Ontario Photo

No doubt, One of the Top and must visit waterfalls in the US is Niagara Falls. This fall is a part of Niagara Falls State Park. There are lot many things to enjoy over here for a full family like hiking, Niagara aquarium, adventure theatre and three waterfalls named Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. It has a total height of 167ft. By viewing this fall in Night with illuminated lights on both sides of the fall is really amazing.

4. Virginia Falls, Montana

Address: Virginia Falls, Montana 59417, USA.

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Virginia Falls, Montana Photo

Virginia Falls are a part of Glacier National Park, Montana, US. The clear water and surrounding bath able pools are the highlights of this waterfall. It is considered the No.1 place for hiking in the US starts from St. Mary falls and ends at Virginia falls. Virginia waterfall hike is the most favorite among them. It has a height of 96 m and protected for being a part of Nahanni National Park Reserve.

5. Union Falls, Wyoming

Address: Union Falls, Wyoming 82190, USA.

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Union Falls, Wyoming Photo

This is the best and most beautiful waterfalls in Yellow Stone National Park, Wyoming. Reaching this waterfall is really challenging but interesting too. It falls from 250ft and considered as the second highest waterfall in Yellow Stone National Park. Trials to Mountain Ash Creek is a popular thrilling activity you can enjoy here. For taking a fresh bath, many pools you can find near to falls.

6. Calf Creek Falls, Utah

Address: Boulder, UT 84716, United States.

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Calf Creek Falls, Utah Photo

This is a Perennial waterfall with a height of 214 feet, situated in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. This would be one of the rare sceneries that you might have been seen, the structure is like that. There are upper and lower parts of this fall and suits for swimming and hiking.

7. Burney Falls, California

Address: Burney Falls, California 96013, USA.

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Burney Falls, California Photo

Burney falls are located in the McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park, California. It has 39m height and a tributary of Pit River. The water of this fall is coming from underground springs, another attraction of this fall. In 1954, this falls included in National Natural landmark.

8. Tahquamenon Waterfalls, Michigan

Address: Tahquamenon Falls, McMillan Township, MI 49768, USA.

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Tahquamenon Waterfalls, Michigan Photo

Tahquamenon waterfalls are located inside the Tahquamenon Fall state park and split into two beautiful falls. Hiking in between upper falls and lower falls is a popular activity you can enjoy here. The brownish color water is the peculiarity of this fall. It has different makeups in different seasons and all are worth to watch.

9. Waimoku Falls, Hawaii

Address: Waimoku Falls, Hawaii 96713, USA.

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Waimoku Falls, Hawaii Photo

This 400ft tall waterfall is situated inside the Haleakala National Park is a well maintained natural reserve area. You can enjoy Pipiwai Trail hike too. This is considered as the best among Hawaiian waterfalls. For fresh bath and relax there are seven sacred pools surrounding to it.

10. Cumberland Falls, Kentucky

Address: Cumberland Falls, Kentucky 42634, USA.

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Cumberland Falls, Kentucky Photo

Cumberland Falls are situated inside the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park. This waterfall has the nickname' Little Niagara'. With 21m height, it offers beautiful scenic views to visitors. This is a favorite hiking spot too while hiking you can enjoy the best sceneries of this park too. The very rare Moonbow you can enjoy here regularly.

11. Silver Falls, Oregon

Address: 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385, United States.

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Silver Falls, Oregon Photo

Silver falls are situated inside the Silver Falls State Park. This is considered as the largest state park in Oregon and it is known as "crown jewel" of this Park. This park is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Remote Double Falls with a height of 178 ft. is the highest waterfall in this Park.

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