Explore The Fun Things To Do In Malta

Well, Malta is a historic land and there is a number of landmarks which will tell you the history of the city. It has great museums, Churches, Temples, upcoming beautiful beaches, science parks, archaeological sites, etc. This is one of the most beautiful European Islands. The best things to do in Malta;

1. Azure Window

Address: San Lawrenz, Malta.

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Azure Window Photo

Definitely, this limestone formation is a wonderful art of the nature that you should not miss watching. It is 28 meters tall can see in Gozo Island, Malta. The island is popular for hiking, swimming, and diving. Some of the films and television shows captured the beauty of these limestone rocks. You can also enjoy a boat trip through extremely the blue sea and from the distance itself you can see the breath-taking Azure Window.

2. St. John's Co-Cathedral

Address: Triq San Gwann, Il-Belt Valletta, Malta.

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St. John's Co-Cathedral Photo

This is one of the predominant landmarks in Malta, built by the renowned architect Girolamo Cassar in memory of Saint John the Baptist. The stunning architecture attracts makes it as a major landmark in Malta. Baroque style architecture makes the interior marvelous and exterior is built in Mannerist style. Interior is decorated with carved stone walls, side altars depicts the life of Saint John, vaulted ceiling, a three-dimensional illusion of ceiling paintings, etc. Also, you can visit 9 rich chapels of this church.

3. National Museum of Archaeology, Malta

Address: Republic St, Valletta, Malta.

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National Museum of Archaeology, Malta Photo

This archaeological museum is located in Valletta, Malta. Wonderful sculptures attract a number of visitors to this museum include it gives a chance to understand the history and pre-history of Malta, the notable sculptures like Sleeping lady, Venus of Malta, etc, decorated with amazing baroque architectural style, etc. The museum was built in 1571 and it is the idea of Malta's renowned architect Gilormu Cassar.

4. Mediterraneo Marine Park

Address: Tul Il-Kosta, Naxxar, Malta.

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Mediterraneo Marine Park Photo

The amazing marine theme park offers you a visual feast of marine creatures. If you are waiting to swim with dolphins as a dream, let's move on to this marine park. Also, people of all age group get a chance to interact closely with Dolphins, sea lion, parrots, etc. You will get a learning opportunity also about marine lives from here.

5. Valletta Waterfront

Address: Triq il-Vittmi Furjaniżi tal-Gwerra, Il-Furjana, Malta.

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Valletta Waterfront Photo

Another attraction of Malta is Valletta Waterfront. This is a port as well as a place where you can relax for some time, great shopping experience; fine restaurants offer you the local taste of Malta and of course various events for visitors. It has a long row of beautiful baroque style buildings that were well preserved. It consists of three popular buildings like the Pinto Stores or the Pinto Wharf on the left, and the Forni Stores or the Forni Shopping Complex on the right and in the middle you can find a church too.

6. Popeye Village

Address: Triq Tal-Prajjet, Il-Mellieħa, Malta.

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Popeye Village Photo

This is an attractive traditional village in Malta offers you a wonderful experience by visiting. This is one of the popular wedding destinations in Malta. Initially, this was a film set and over changed to a popular tourist destination with theme park village, open-air museum, seaside resort, and boating, etc. The wooden structured buildings are an amazing visual feast and various entertaining events are conducting here for visitors.

7. Hagar Quim

Address: Triq Hagar Qim, Il-Qrendi QRD 2501, Malta.

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Hagar Quim Photo

This is a temple complex of Megalithic period in Malta, one of the major attractions to be visited. You can find this complex on the Mediterranean The Island of Malta. In 1992, this site included in UNESCO World Heritage list and they described the site as "unique architectural masterpieces". The stones used for the temple construction is globigerina limestone. It has a main temple and three megalithic structures nearby it.

8. Gran Castello Historic House

Address: Triq Melite Bernardo de Opuo, Ir-Rabat Għawdex VCT 1860, Malta.

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Gran Castello Historic House Photo

This Folklore museum is built in the 16th century and located in Cittadella is another highlight of this city. This museum includes a number of medieval houses, giving you knowledge of the traditional way of life of Gozo, artifacts, trade, and hobbies of ancient Gozo. The architecture has an influence of Sicilian and Catalan styles.

9. Esplora

Address: Via Covignano, n. 238, 47923 Rimini RN, Italy.

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Esplora Photo

A favorite destination for Science lovers in Malta; that is Esplora. This center was established in 2016 and offers science attractions and other entertainments activities for all age groups. It has several buildings and outdoor spaces, main exhibition hall, activity center, landscaped gardens, everywhere you can find exhibitions which will make your visiting more worthy.

10. Golden Bay

Address: Mellieha, Malta.

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Golden Bay Photo

If you are looking for a perfect family beach; Golden Bay is a perfect place. It has a long white sand beach, various water sports activities, fun clubs and a number of resorts with International standards. There is an attractive cliff located on the side of the beach. This is a popular activity you can enjoy here are swimming, snorkeling, beach parties, sunset views, sun baths, etc. All these together make Golden Bay a favorite one for visitors.

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