Explore The Magical Mediterranean Beaches In This Vacation

No wonder that in ancient periods the Mediterranean Sea was known as "the great sea". The deep blue colored water, limited tides, white sand beaches, luxury resorts, and restaurants are some factors that attract travelers to this landlocked ocean. There are so many beautiful beaches perfectly apt for your family vacation. Popular among them are;

1. Poliegos, Greece

Address: Polyaigos, Kimolos 840 04, Greece.

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Poliegos, Greece Photo

Poliegos is the largest inhabited island near Milos Island in Greece excites you with its magnificent beaches. The highest attractions are blue water, white sand caves and rock formations from the sea. You can take boat tours for enjoying the marine beauty and restaurants are resorts are available nearby beach for a comfortable stay.

2. Sa Calobra Beach, Mallorca, Spain

Address: 07315 Escorca, Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

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Sa Calobra Beach, Mallorca, Spain Photo

This is a magic world that you can find at the end of Torrent de Paris gorge in Majorca. This is considered as one of the best beaches in Spain with golden sand, caves and clear waters. Torrent de Paris divides Sa Calobra into two beautiful beaches. You may feel this is an adventurous trip towards this stunning beach.

3. St Peter's Pool, Malta

Address: St. Peter's Pool, Marsaxlokk, Malta.

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St Peter's Pool, Malta Photo

If you want to spend a family vacation in a completely natural setting with entertainment, visit St. Peter's pool, Malta. The clear blue waters and golden sand beaches are the highest attractions of this beach. The beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs, but not too high, so that you can jump into the pool from the cliffs.

4. Lucice Bay, Croatia

Address: Milna, Brač island , Split-Dalmatia.

Lucice Bay, Croatia Photo

The sky blue color water, golden sand and surrounded pine forests are simple enough to attract visitors to this beach. Through a boat trip, you can enjoy the beauty of this bay. This is a popular diving destination in Croatia and good resorts and restaurants are nearby this beach to meet up your needs.

5. Costa Rei, Sardinia, Italy

Address: 09043 Costa Rei, South Sardinia, Italy.

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Costa Rei, Sardinia, Italy Photo

Costa Rei is a 12 km long beautiful beach in Sardinia, Italy. This is one of the favorite family beaches in Italy. The attractive factors are clear water, white sand, and coral reefs. Popular water sports activities you can enjoy here are swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving. The clear water enables you to view marine life very closely.

6. Tel Aviv, Israel

Address: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel.

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Tel Aviv, Israel Photo

When you get a chance to visit this holy land, take a trip to the most beautiful and popular beach capital of Israel, Tel Aviv. There are almost 13 official beaches and all are different in views and facilities. Tel Aviv beaches are well- known for water sports activities, sunbaths, sunset viewing and there are plenty of luxury resorts and fine dining restaurants are available based on the demand of visitors.

7. Saleccia beach, Corsica, France

Address: Plage de Saleccia, France.

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Saleccia beach, Corsica, France Photo

Saleccia beach is a hidden gem in Corsica, France. During summer this beach will be more populous and as it is located in a remote corner, you can take a boat trip to reach this beach from Saint-Florent or by walking through beautiful landscapes. The clear water and white sand and pine trees add beauty to this beach.

8. Cala Cap Roig, Girona, Spain

Address: 17252 Calonge, Girona, Spain.

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Cala Cap Roig, Girona, Spain Photo

This island is popular with its rock formations and divides into two beaches. The clear waters, pine trees, and white sand make the views of the beach amazing. This is a popular diving site and you can enjoy the underground beauty due to the clear blue water. For refreshing and meet your dining needs good restaurants also you can find there.

9. Kizkalesi, Turkey

Address: Kızkalesi, 33790 Erdemli/Mersin, Turkey.

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Kizkalesi, Turkey Photo

Kizkalesi beach is famous for the ancient castles situated on the beach and off the coast. The waves are very calm and apt for swimming and the beach is popular for volleyball playing. This beach is perfectly suitable for relaxing for a while and sunset watching in a calm environment.

10. Praia Dona Ana, Algarve, Portugal

Address: Praia / Beach Dona Ana, 8600-512 Lagos, Portugal.

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Praia Dona Ana, Algarve, Portugal Photo

This is one of the popular beaches in Algarve, Portugal, and well known for its colorful cliffs. The natural beauty you can find here are the surrounded limestone cliffs, soft sand, and turquoise water. Nearby restaurants ready to serve you the real natural flavors at a reasonable price.

11. Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Address: Navagio, Greece.

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Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece Photo

This beach is popularly known as 'smuggler's cove'. This is one of the stunning beaches in Greece that you should never miss. An exposed cove is the peculiarity of this beach and popular summer vacation. Water sports activities like swimming, snorkeling, etc also you can enjoy here.

12. Stefanou Beach, Crete, Greece

Address: Seitan limania, Greece.

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Stefanou Beach, Crete, Greece Photo

Turquoise water, golden sand, and jumping cliffs are the attractions of this less explored beach. Reaching may be a bit difficult but in the end, you will reach in a wonderland. You can spend a family vacation here and a popular spot for sunbathing.

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