Explore The Treasures In Whitsunday Coast

Whitsunday is an amazing land of numerous stunning Islands. If you are a nature or ocean lover, you are in the right places. It has so many attractive views to offer for including white sand beaches, Great Barrier Reef, National Parks, and endless water sports activities. The best things you can enjoy here include:

1. Whitehaven Beach

Address: Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australia.

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Whitehaven Beach Photo

White heaven is a 7-kilometer long white sand beach with turquoise water, a famous tourist destination in White Sundays. The combination of green and white color water is really amazing and also you can enjoy thrilling boat tours over here. This beach is maintained by Whitsunday Islands National Park and ranked as the top eco-friendly beach in the World. The most interesting things you can enjoy here include sailing, snorkeling, helicopter rides, watching Great Barrier Reef and so many things.

2. Conway National Park

Address: Conway Rd, Cape Conway QLD 4800, Australia.

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Conway National Park Photo

Conway National Park in Queensland is located near 30 km east of Proserpine, such a beautiful natural settlement with stunning beaches and rainforest-clad hills. Conway National Park offers you a great bushwalking experience through the Conway peninsula. You can enjoy hiking and bike riding opportunity from the Conway Circuit.

3. Heart Reef

Address: Heart Reef, Australia.

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Heart Reef Photo

You can find this amazing phenomenon on White Sunday beach. The heart shape coral is rare scenery for you. Because of the protective nature of this system, swimming and snorkeling near the reef are restricted and you can enjoy the best views of heart reef through a helicopter ride. It was founded in 1975, is a great point of attraction now.

4. Hamilton Island

Address: Hamilton Island, Whitsundays QLD, Australia.

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Hamilton Island Photo

Hamilton Island, again a charming island in Queensland and very close to Great Barrier Reef. Hamilton Island is very popular for wonderful wedding destinations. It has more than 10 event venues and other reception centers. You can enjoy limitless fun do activities here includes sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving, golfing, etc. There are a number of family-friendly plus luxury apartments in Hamilton Island to enjoy the best moments with your family.

5. Boathaven Beach

Address: The Beacons, Port of Airlie, Airlie Beach QLD 4802, Australia.

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Boathaven Beach Photo

The emerging trend in White Sundays, part of Airlie Beach which is situated on The Beacons peninsula. It has less exploited clean white sand beaches and crystal clear water which enables for swimming, sunbathing and other water sports activities. A number of shops have opened up for visitors and restaurants with the best seafood dishes.

6. Great Barrier Reef

Address: Bowen QLD 4805, Australia.

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Great Barrier Reef Photo

This is a must watch interesting things in White Sundays. Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral systems in the World. It consists of more than 3000 individual reef systems and rich with colorful marine life. There is a number of islands surrounded by this phenomenon. You can enjoy a lot of activities over here includes swimming, snorkeling, ship tours, educational tours, etc.

7. Hayman Island

Address: Raintree Ave, Hayman Island QLD 4801, Australia.

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Hayman Island Photo

Hayman Island is situated in the center of Queens Island and from here you can enjoy the tremendous beauty of Whitsundays which is very attractive with a row of palm trees, white sand beaches, and turquoise water. You can enjoy sailing or helicopter tours to enjoy the best views of this stunning island. Their number of luxury resorts and beachside villas are available for a perfect family stay.

8. Hill Inlet

Address: Hill Inlet, Whitsundays QLD 4802, Australia.

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Hill Inlet Photo

This is a stunning inlet you can find in Whitsunday Island. The immense beauty of this spot is whenever the tide shifts, the white sand beach, and blue color water makes different amazing colors on the land. The color mixing is so natural just like in photoshops. You can also enjoy a short walk to enjoy the breath-taking views.

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