Exploring Shanxi Province China

Shaanxi is one of the largest economies in China. It is famous for the Museum, Artworks, Temples and much more. Shaanxi is known as the Ancient Chinese cultural museum. This is a very attractive place for tourists. There are so many things in Shaanxi to explore. There are many interesting spots to visit in Shaanxi.

1. Hanging Temple

Address: Hunyuan County, Datong, China.

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It is situated in Datong. This is a temple built in the cliff of the mountain. Hanging temple is famous for their religious heritage. This is the only temple in china in the combination of three Chinese traditional religions: Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. The Style of the hanging temple is completely Chinese architecture. We can enjoy the beauty of the temple as well as the cliff of the mountain. This has the biggest hall and largest sculptures. It is a very interesting spot for tourism.

2. Golden Triangle Of China

Address: 433 N Reading Rd, Ephrata, PA 17522, United States.

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This is the most famous place in China. The tourists must surely visit this place. Golden Triangle of China is a place where there are 3 cities around a single area. This temple is called so because they are in the shape of a triangle. The 3 cities that constitute this triangle is Beijing, Xi'an, and Shanghai. Temple of heaven is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in shanghai. this is an Imperial Worship site. people come to visit this temple to pray for a good harvest. there are much more about these 3 cities to explore in the golden triangle.

3. Tangbo Art Museum

Address: China, Shaanxi, Xi'an, Beilin, 2nd Ring Rd South East Section Entrance, 友谊东路449号影视大厦.

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This is one of the most famous museums in Shanxi, China. This museum is a collection of Shanxi folk arts, ancient painting, and attractive architectures. even this place is famous for the calligraphy arts. this is a place for tourists who are attached to architecture and calligraphies. this will be interesting for the children too.

4. Shaanxi Historical Museum, Xi'an

Address: 91 Xiaozhai E Rd, Xiao Zhai Shang Ye Jie, Yanta District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

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This is one of the famous museums in Shaanxi. This museum is regarded as the pearl of ancient dynasties. This museum is known as the house of Chinese treasures. There is an Exhibition hall in the Shanxi history of the museum. This big hall is partitioned into 4 small halls and the main hall is for Tang Mural Paintings. There are many treasures like Golden bowl with lotus patterns, the bronze mirror of tang Dynasty seen over here. Tourists can get many ideas about Chinese history by visiting here.

5. Xian city wall

Address: China, Shaanxi, Xi'an, Beilin, 陕西.

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This is one of the oldest large city walls in China. This is a very beautiful wall in China. This is situated in the Imperial city of china. you can see the architecture and style of the wall by visiting there. This wall recreates an idea of the historical Dynasty in our minds.

6. Xian Pottery

Address: Foot of Xiaohe mountain, in Wannian County, in northeastern Jiangxi, in southeast China.

This is a very interesting area in the Xian area of Shanxi. visiting here you will get a very unique travel experience. This is a place where different types and styles of Pottery are made. even they provide a pottery class for the visitors conducted by the professionals. This will be very interesting for tourists with taste in pottery.

7. Tomb Of Emperor Jingdi

Address: Weicheng District, Xianyang, Xianyang, Shaanxi, China.

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This place is one of the underrated highlights in Xian, Shanxi. This is the burial place of the Han dynasty Emperor Jingdi. There is an impressive museum that holds a large display of expressive terracotta figurines and a Tomb with 21 narrow pits there. This place is not inundated with visitors so the tourists will be really satisfied and happy with the visit.

8. Forest Of Stone Steel Museum

Address: 15 Sanxue St, Zhong Lou Shang Quan, Beilin, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China.

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This museum consists of a large collection of steles. We can also find Chinese calligraphy collections here. There are many names and pictures carved with stones. We can see Chinese words carved with stones. It will be very attractive for Children also. This museum owns a very beautiful architecture. This is a worth time tourist area.

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