Exploring The Beauty Of Latvia

Latvia is a magical destination with a lot of attractions. It has plenty of beautiful beaches, some of the largest markets in Europe, charming towns, medieval castles, excellent architecture, National Parks, lush green forests and you can enjoy a memorable vacation over here.

1. Riga

Address: Riga, Latvia.

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Riga is the Capital city of Latvia and considered the largest also. The cultural hub of Latvia will surprise you with the beautiful Old Town with attractive architecture, the influence of German culture, wooden buildings, museums, art galleries, and the picture square views of the town are the amazing facts that will attract a large number of visitors every year to this beautiful city.

2. Cesis

Address: Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, Latvia.

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This North-Eastern town of Latvia is popular for its medieval castle. This castle was built by the Livonian Brothers of the Sword in the 13th Century is the highest attraction of Latvia now. The stunning architectural style will amaze you. The fascinating things to see here are the wall paintings, towers with panoramic views, Christ Orthodox Church and a cemetery, dungeons, an old brewery in the Castle Park, a Castle Manor house exhibits art museums and Cesis history.

3. Jurmala

Address: Jūrmala, Latvia.

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This is a stunning resort city in Latvia on the Gulf of Riga. The very long Jurmala white sand beach and cold blue water and entertaining water sports activities are the factors that will attract a large number of visitors to this beautiful resort city. This area is popular for wooden art nouveau seaside villas, Dzintari forest park, Jurmala city museum.

4. Gauja National Park

Address: Latvia.

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This is the largest National park in Latvia is popular for many historical monuments. This Park is situated in the valley where Gauja River flows. The interesting things to visit here are Folk Song Park with Granite sculptures, Medieval Turaida Castle and its towering Museum reserve, Livonian Order castle in Sigulda town, Cesis Castle-Cesis town, churches, archaeological monuments, etc.

5. Kuldiga

Address: Kuldīga, Kuldīgas pilsēta, LV-3301, Latvia.

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This is a charming town in Western Latvia. This is an amazing destination that attracts visitors with the old town, traditional timber houses, and narrow streets, restaurants, and cafes with traditional Latvian cuisine, a good number of restaurants, etc to make your trip a memorable one. Also, you can visit Saint Catherine’s Church-the oldest church over here, Aleksupite Waterfall and visit a historical brick bridge across River Venta.

6. Turaida Museum-Reserve

Address: Turaidas iela 10, Turaida, Krimuldas pagasts, LV-2150, Latvia.

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This is an amazing destination just like a fairytale land. Popular things you can explore here are visiting Turaida Stone Castle, Church, and Church Hill, Rose of Turaida Memorial, Folk Song Garden, and Folk Song Hill and amazing views of Gauja River Valley. You can understand the historical events from the 11th century from here.

7. Pape Nature Park

Address: Pape Nature Reserve, Latvia.

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This is a favorite destination for nature lovers. This is an important site for watching migratory birds. Popular thighs to explore here are carr forests, dunes, lakes, meadows, and bogs. Popular animals you can watch here are wild horses, bison, and goats. You can enjoy visiting nearby fishing villages, camping, nature trails and bird watching from here.

8. Kemeri National Park

Address: Pavasari, Sala Parish, Latvia.

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This National Park was established in 1997 in the western region of Jurmala city. You can find various natural attractions from here include meadows, dunes, swamps, lush green forests, and rivers. The park is rich with more than 900 plant species and several species of birds and animals. Also, you can enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, picnicking, camping, etc from here.

9. Cesis

Address: Cēsis, Cēsu pilsēta, Latvia.

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Cesis makes visitors a favorite destination with its medieval castle. This castle has beautiful architecture, dungeons, excellent wall paintings, huge towers with panoramic views of surroundings. You can also spend some moments in the garden of the castle to enjoy the beauty of nature. Also, you can find an old brewery, cemetery, Transfiguration of Christ Orthodox Church, castle Manor House, etc.

10. Rundale Palace and Museum

Address: Pilsrundāle, Rundāle Parish, LV-3921, Latvia.

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This baroque palace was built by Dukes of Courland and attracts visitors with its stunning architecture and beautiful gardens. The Palace was designed by renowned architect Francesco Rastrelli. You can visit the Great Gallery, White Hall, and gilt hall, eastern block with a fully restored suite of Duchess & rooms and central block with private rooms & reception rooms. Now this Palace serves as a museum where you can understand more about the history of Latvia.

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