Exploring The Best Places To Visit In Bosnia And Herzegovina

If you are looking for a trip to enjoy the purity of nature, this is a best choice. This country is located on the western Balkan Peninsula of Europe. The best things you can explore here include amazing waterfalls, rivers, medieval villages, National Parks etc. The must visit visitor attractions are:

1. Neretva River

Address: Neretva.

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Neretva River Photo

This is also known as Divine River by local people. River water eco-system plays a significance space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is the largest river in the eastern part of the Adriatic basin and very popular for its surrounding natural beauty, landscapes and clear water. This is a major source of hydroelectric power generation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and it has large dams which protects from flood and water storage facilities.

2. Kravica Waterfall

Address: Studenci bb, Studenci Ljubuški 88320, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Kravica Waterfall Photo

These magical waterfalls are located on Trebizat River, one of the wonders of nature. Even though the areas are protecting by the government, it is open for public and number of outdoor activities you can enjoy here includes swimming, camping, picnicking, river rafting during summer etc. And there are cafes for chit chat and restaurants which offer local food especially fish dishes. In all the seasons water in the below lake is very cool and of course this is a best place to enjoy with family.

3. Bascarsija

Address: Baščaršija 1, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Bascarsija Photo

This is the cultural capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the historic cities. This was an ancient trading centre of 15th century on the Shore of Miljacka River and turned as a bazaar right now. The great things you can enjoy over here includes rand Ottoman mosques, old buildings, Old Church, Old Synagogue, oriental architecture etc. The streets over here are specialised in craft works like jewellery, metal work etc and this is a city of symbol.

4. Old Bridge, Mostar

Address: Stari Most, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Old Bridge, Mostar Photo

Mostar is popular with Old Bridge, a UNESCO heritage site and Turkish houses. Old bridge over here is also known as Stari Most built across the river Neretva and stands as an example of Balkan Islamic architecture. This is a hump backed bridge and two forfeited towers protect it. Another interesting thing you can find here is the Annual diving competition from this bridge to Neretva River.

5. Tara River Canyon

Address: Strmene Stijene, Toholji 73300, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Tara River Canyon Photo

This is the longest Canyon in Montenegro and Europe and World?s second after Grand Canyon. This site is included in Durmitor National Park and it is 83 kms long. This is included in UNESCO World heritage list and river rafting is the best activity you can enjoy here. The noise of the cascades can hear even from very long distance. It is surrounded with rich flora and fauna and home to number of birds and animals.

6. Blidinje Nature Park

Address: Hercegovačko-neretvanski kanton, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Blidinje Nature Park Photo

This nature park was established in 1995 in the high mountains of the Central Dinarides. This is a perfect space for relaxing some peaceful moments as well as a destination for number of outdoor activities like horse- back riding, mountaineering, skiing, bicycling, kayaking, Quad tours, snowball fighting etc.

7. Konjic

Address: Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Konjic Photo

This is a beautiful town in Bosnia and Herzegovina surrounded by amazing mountains and landscapes. You can roam around the Old town and another attraction is the Old Bridge which constructed in Ottoman structure and it connects Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has a museum and art gallery which exhibits the paintings of local artists. You can enjoy rafting on river Neretva and hiking on Visocica Mountain range.

8. Vjetrenica

Address: Bosna Hersek, Zavala 88370, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Vjetrenica Photo

This is the richest cave in the World due to its subterranean biodiversity and the largest cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This cave is included in the tentative UNESCO World heritage list. It has various lakes and streams and you can find 10,000 years old cave drawing here.

9. Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo

Address: Trg Fra Grge Martića 2, Sarajevo 71000, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Sacred Heart Cathedral, Sarajevo Photo

This is the largest Cathedral in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This Catholic Church was opened in 1887 in the Old Town district and the centre of Catholic worship in the town. The construction was of Neo-Gothic style and 41.9 meters long and stands as the symbol of the city.

10. Kozara National Park

Address: Vuk Karadzic 43, Prijedor, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

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Kozara National Park Photo

This National Park was established in 1967 with the aim of protecting the nature and historical heritage. While enjoying the beauty of nature , also you can enjoy number of outdoor activities like climbing, hiking trials, special hunting ground , adventure parks, mountain bike trials , ski runs etc.

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