Exploring The Best Things In Naxos Island

Naxos is the most beautiful and largest island in Cyclades. More than that this is a historical site with lot many archaeological interesting facts. It has amazing peaks, stunning beaches, historical museums, castles, monasteries, charming villages etc to explore.

1. Mount Zas

Address: Mount Zas, Drimalia 843 02, Greece.

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This is the paradise for hiking lovers. Mount Zas is the highest mountain in Cyclades with an elevation of 999m. Through hiking trails only you can reach at the top, and you can enjoy the panoramic views of Naxos city. The trials start from Aghia Marina and there are two routes available for visitors by enjoying the surrounding beauty.

2. Archaeological Museum

Address: Leof. Naxou Eggaron 3, Naxos 843 00, Greece.

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This museum was established in 1973 and located in a Venetian historical building of 17th centuries. This building itself amazes visitors with its architecture style of Frankish rule. It houses the objects from Neo-lithic period to early Christian periods and the highest attractions are marble figurines, Mycenaean and Geometric potteries, Clay rython of animal shape etc.

3. Demeter Temple

Address: Drimalia 843 02, Greece.

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Demeter Temple Photo

This was earlier a temple constructed with marbles and later converted into a Church. This was built in 530 BC for the Goddess of Grain and Harvest and on 6th century it was demolished and a church formed here. This temple is also known as Temple of Sangri.

4. Beach tours

Address: Naxos Port, Naxos 843 00, Greece.

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Naxos has number of pristine beaches with tranquil water. Naxos beaches are popular for windsurfing and some of the popular beaches to explore here are Agios Georgios Beach, Agios Prokopios Beach, Agia Anna Beach etc. Golden sand beaches and clear blue waters are the highest attractions of these beaches and the activities you can enjoy here are swimming, wind surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing etc.

5. Apano Castle

Address: Naxos 843 02, Greece.

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Apano Castle Photo

This is a historical monument in Naxos. You can find the ruins of ancient castle over here, located in the valley of Tragaia. This is a popular hiking destination and sunrise watching is the best activity you can enjoy from here. Also you can see Mount Zas and Naxos city from a distance view point.

6. Kouros of Apollonas

Address: Drimalia 843 02, Greece.

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Kouros of Apollonas Photo

This is an unfinished statue of a man with the length of 10.7m made with Naxos marbles. This is located in the village of Apollonas and considered as an important archaeological finding. This is also known as Colossus of Dionysus and located in the place where Naxos old Quarries.

7. Geological Museum of Apeiranthos

Address: Apeiranthos 843 02, Greece.

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Geological Museum of Apeiranthos Photo

This museum was opened in 1987 with some of the largest collections of fossils and stones. You can find the varieties of rocks in this island. The dark marble called ?Emery? is in high attraction for visitors. Also you can find the fossilized bones of the dwarf elephant lived 70,000 years ago in this Island.

8. Panagia Drosiani

Address: Epar.Od. Chalkiou-Keramotis, Drimalia 843 02, Greece.

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Panagia Drosiani Photo

This monastery id dedicated to the God of rain and is situated in between Tragaia area and the village Moni. This is a worship place where local people trust that their problems due to draught would be solved by praying here. It has some of the best collections of murals of 7th century and architecture is also really different.

9. Chora or Naxos Town

Address: Saint-George-Beach, Naxos 843 00, Greece.

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Chora or Naxos Town Photo

This is a charming town situated on a small hilltop and capital of Naxos and a popular tourist destination in Naxos also. You can walk through the narrow streets, traditional white houses, explore Venetian mansions, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars etc. You can find the blend of traditional as well as modern face of the city from here.

10. Apeiranthos

Address: Apeiranthos 843 02, Greece.

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Apeiranthos Photo

This is the spiritual hub of Naxos and popular for its culture and traditions. This is one of the most beautiful villages in Naxos with natural beauty. The things you can explore here are archaeological museum, geological museum, folk museum, museum of Natural history etc.

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