Exploring The Best Things To Do In Chile

The narrow country in South America has so much to offer for visitors. This is a historic land comprises of many heritage sites, National Museum, old cobbled streets, colorful urban life, best beaches and number of National Parks. The best things you can enjoy in Chile include:

1. General Carrera Lake

Address: General Carrera Lake.

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General Carrera Lake Photo

Take a visit to the second largest lake in South America and the largest lake in Chile which is situated in the border of Chile and Argentina. This marble cave is of glacier origin and stunning beauty attracts a number of visitors over here. You can enjoy so many interesting things over here include fishing, kayaking, trekking, etc here. You can also get refresh by relaxing sometimes on the shores of this lake.

2. Lauca National Park

Address: Putre, Arica y Parinacota, Chile.

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This Park spreads around 1300 square kilometers and home to volcanoes, mountains, and landscapes. This Park has several archaeological spots and old colonial buildings and Churches. This Park maintains more than 140 rare species of birds which will make this as a great bird watching destination. Chungara Lake is popular among many other beautiful lakes over here.

3. San Antonio Wine Tours

Address: 126 Jefferson, San Antonio, TX 78205, United States.

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San Antonio Wine Tours Photo

There won't be anyone who doesn't love to take a trip to the beautiful wine yards in a cool climate by sipping one of the tastiest wines in the World. You can find wine cultivation especially in pure organic form and the making of high-quality wines. There are a number of beautiful valleys to make you feel fresh and when you are tired, there are restaurants and wine shops to meet your needs.

4. Torres Del Plain National Park

Address: Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica, Chile.

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Torres Del Plain National Park Photo

This is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and the highest attractions of the Park include amazing glaciers, lakes, landscapes, and granite horns. This is a popular trekking spot in Chile which consists of a track through 3 beautiful valleys. A 2,850-meter-tall granite peak of the Paine Massif is another attraction of this Park & also you can enjoy wildlife watching over here.

5. Easter Island

Address: Easter Island, Valparaíso, Chile.

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Easter Island Photo

This is an attractive volcanic island in Polynesia. The highest attraction of this site is the 13th-century monuments consists of around 900 stone statues which depict the culture of Polynesia. These statues are known as Mao's and are its head looks like humans over a stone and you can find it in different varieties which will tell you the transformations of the ancient period.

6. El Tatio

Address: B-245, Antofagasta, Calama, Antofagasta, Chile.

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El Tatio Photo

You can take a trip to see the stunning views of the third largest geyser field in the World and located near to Bolivian border. This is located 4200 meters above sea level and you need to go as early as possible in the morning to enjoy the amazing sceneries. The interesting phenomenon in the early morning you can find is the smoke arises from geysers known as Andes rise also you can find hot springs, birds and animals, mud pools, etc.

7. City Tours

Address: Plaza Sotomayor, Valparaíso, Chile.

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City Tours Photo

Chile is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the World now. The the city can offer you all the modern facilities like World class hotels, best Chilean dishes, a number of shopping malls and streets, lively casinos, big markets which reflects the artworks of Chile and endless nightlife too.

8. Valparaiso

Address: Valparaiso, IN, USA.

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Valparaiso Photo

Don't miss to visit this UNESCO World Heritage site which depicts the history of Chile. It has so many cobbles narrow streets, museums, historic buildings, and monuments. This is the historic district of Chile lies among breath- Taking Mountain and ocean.

9. National History Museum

Address: 10th St. & Constitution Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20560, United States.

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National History Museum Photo

This Natural History Museum is situated in Quinta Normal Park. This is one of the oldest museums in the continent. It explains the history and deep culture of Chile. It has different science departments and interactive games for children etc.

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