Exploring The Best Things To See In New York State

New York is considered to be the land of major cultural, financial and commercial centres in the World. This vibrant city has lot many natural sceneries to offer for visitors includes historic towns, amazing waterfalls and Islands, number of outdoor activities, Sate Parks and lakes. In New York City you can find most of the taste of USA.

1. Niagara Falls

Address: Niagara Falls, NY, USA.

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This is the best visual feast of nature for you in this vacation. This is a family friendly location and lot many activities are there apart from the scenery of beautiful waterfalls. Some of them are the most interesting Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara helicopter ride, enjoyment in Fallsview Indoor Water Park, Beautiful Clifton hill, Niagara Sky Wheel ride etc. makes your trip feel complete

2. New York Hall of Science, New York

Address: 47-01 111th St, Corona, NY 11368, United States.

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This science Museum located in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. This museum takes the minds of science lovers. It wonders you with the exhibitions conducting here, Rocket Park, science playground, wormholes, asteroids, design lab and clear understanding about engineering process.

3. Shelter Island, New York

Address: Shelter Island, NY, USA.

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This is a small but charming island in New York. You can reach this magical island through ferry. The island is giving importance to nature protection and it has four nature and bird watching trials for visitors. White sand beaches and turquoise water adds the beauty of this Island. Also you can enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and other play grounds.

4. NewYork City

Address: New York, NY, USA.

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The most populous and vibrant city in US. The best places to visit here are the famous Statue of Liberty, Midtown Manhattan, Times Square, Central park, Headquarters of UN, Brooklyn bridge, New York City Winter outing, Museum of Modern art, The Boroughs etc.

5. Lake Placid

Address: Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA.

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This beautiful lake is a popular tourist destination in New York and is situated in Adirondack Mountains. This location is favourite for visitors because of tremendous outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, boating, fishing, golfing, bike riding, camping and it hosts 2 times the Winter Olympics over here. And for art lovers there is a theatre named Main Street's Palace Theatre, where you can enjoy different types of movies and Upper Jay Art Center, where you can enjoy live music programmes.

6. Ithaca

Address: Ithaca, NY, USA.

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This is a must visit tourist destination in New York. Ithaca is blessed with number of beautiful lakes and waterfalls and popular for higher education. Also number of outdoor activities you can enjoy here includes hiking, bike riding, spot fishing, boating etc. It has some amazing wine yards and you can take a guided tour to the valleys and get chance to taste and buy some quality wines from here. Downtown Ithaca commons is another shopping area mostly crowded with visitors.

7. Watkins Glen State Park

Address: 1009 N Franklin St, Watkins Glen, NY 14891, United States.

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Watkins Glen State Park Photo

This is rated as one of the best Parks in US and located in Finger Lake region of New York. This Park was established in 1863 and spreads around 778 acres and consists of cliffs and number of waterfalls. The activities that visitors can enjoy here includes picnic spaces, camping, tent, recreation programmes, hiking, spot fishing, hunting, skiing, swimming etc.

8. Saratoga Springs

Address: Saratoga Springs, NY, USA.

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Saratoga Springs is a historic town in New York, a popular spot for horse racing. You can find buildings with Colonial architecture styles and the interesting things you can enjoy here includes Saratoga Performing Arts centre, Saratoga Automobile Museum, National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fames with various horse paintings, Saratoga State Park offers a healthy mineral bath and number of pools.

9. Thousand Islands

Address: Thousand Islands.

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This is paradise for nature lovers and when you reach here you may feel like in a fairyland. This island situated in the boarder of US and Canada and consists of more than 1800 islands in St. Lawrence River. The things do over here includes fishing, diving, historic castles and light houses, boat and cruise tours, white water rafting, paddling, on-the-water dining , historic sites etc and of course all these together make Thousand Island has been chosen by visitors again and again.

10. Woodstock

Address: Woodstock, The Bronx, NY, USA.

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Woodstock Photo

This is a small town in New York which is very famous for art performances. This city has a nickname like ?colony of arts?. This picturesque village is situated in Catskill Mountains. You can enjoy lot of music events and shows over here and the town is popular with renowned artists, musicians, writers and of course Woodstock Music festival.

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