Exploring The Black Sea Beaches

There are so many beautiful black sea beaches in Eastern Europe. All are surrounded by extremely natural beauty and a number of people are visiting over here and it is considered that the black sand is very healthy and used for the treatment of many deceased. A number of water sports activities, cliffs for hiking, activities for kids, fine seafood restaurants and resorts, all together make the trip an unforgettable one for everyone.

1. Vityazevo Beach, Russia

Address: Ulitsa Lermontova, 15, Vityazevo, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 353417.

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Vityazevo Beach, Russia Photo

You can spend some family moments over here in Vityazevo beach. The fascinating blue colored water and white sand beaches are the highlights of this beach. Also, there are a lot of entertainment activities also arranges for all age group of the family. July- August is the best time to visit this beach.

2. Shekvetili Beach, Georgia

Address: Shekvetili Beach, Georgia.

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Shekvetili Beach, Georgia Photo

This is a beautiful black sand beach in Georgia. It has a line of palm trees which offers a cool atmosphere for visitors and the black sand over here are considered as for many diseases. The park is situated near Tsitsinatela Park so that your kids also will have a great moment over here.

3. Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia

Address: Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia.

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Mtsvane Kontskhi, Georgia Photo

This is another popular black sea beach in Georgia often called as Green Paradise among locals because of the surrounding natural beauty. There are a lot of entertainment activities you can enjoy over here includes swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc and for refreshment, you can take a walk to the nearby botanical garden.

4. Smokinya Beach, Bulgaria

Address: Camping Smokinya, 8130 Sozopol, Bulgaria.

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Smokinya Beach, Bulgaria Photo

This is a popular summer camping destination in Bulgaria and a perfect family beach. The beach is located in Sozopol town and there is a number of entertainment activities you can enjoy over here. The water is very calm and amazingly beautiful with its blue color.

5. Mamaia, Romania

Address: Mamaia, Constanța, Romania.

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Mamaia, Romania Photo

Mamaia is a popular black sea beach in Romania and perfect for water sports activities like swimming and snorkeling. This is a luxury space for those who are looking into. This beach is situated near the city center of Constanta. Warm waters and white sand beaches add its beauty and summer is the best time to visit over here.

6. Sile, Turkey

Address: Şile, İstanbul, Turkey.

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Sile, Turkey Photo

Some of the highest attractions in Sile beach is a 14th Century Genoese castle on the island, a lighthouse makes the trip more amazing and the water is very calm so that you can enjoy various water sports activities over here.

7. Skadovsk beach, Ukraine

Address: South Bay Street 4, 9003 Varna, Bulgaria.

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Skadovsk beach, Ukraine Photo

This is a popular family vacation spot in Ukraine. The white sand beaches and crystal clear waters are the peculiarities of this beach. There are so many entertainment activities are arranged especially for kids near to the beach like water theme park & all. A number of resorts and restaurants with fine services are ready to treat you well.

8. Batumi beaches, Georgia

Address: Sarpi Beach, Georgia.

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Batumi beaches, Georgia Photo

Batumi beaches are the popular tourist destination in Georgia with attractive facilities. The beaches over here are magnificent with pebbled beaches, a row of palm trees, the healthy black sands, clear water, etc. The popular Batumi beaches that you should not forget to visit include the city beach, Gonio Beach, Ureci beach, etc.

9. Shkorpilovtsi Beach, Bulgaria

Address: улица Братя Шкорпил 18, 9112 Shkorpilovtsi, Bulgaria.

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Shkorpilovtsi Beach, Bulgaria Photo

With a length of long 10 miles, this beach becomes the longest beach in Bulgaria. The beach is quite calm so that you can choose this spot for relaxing. Also, you can take a walk for the nearby jungle with guided instructions.

10. Bolata Beach, Bulgaria

Address: Bolata, Bulgaria.

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Bolata Beach, Bulgaria Photo

If you are a hiking lover, this is the best choice. Nearby beach, you can find so many cliffs which are suitable for hiking. The shape of the beach is very attractive like a semi-circle. Bolata is the only one nature reserve in Bulgaria and home to many rare species of birds.

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