Exploring The Historic Land Of Chile- Valparaiso

Valparaiso is a UNESCO World Heritage site that depicts the history of Chile. It has so many cobbles narrow streets, museums, historic buildings, and monuments. This is the historic district of Chile lies among breath- Taking Mountain and ocean.

1. National Maritime Museum

Address: Paseo Veintiuno de Mayo 45, Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile.

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If you want to learn more about the maritime history of Valparaiso, take a visit to this museum. It was opened in 1915 with a lot of maritime collections like ship models, maps, statues, ship artifacts, illustrations, etc. It has vast 17 rooms of exhibitions and also you can find the accomplishments of naval heroes over here.

2. Valparaiso Cultural Park

Address: Cárcel 471, Valparaíso, Chile.

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The Valparaiso cultural park is located on the site where the old prison exists. Things you can explore here are a colonial-era architecture like Polvorin, spaces for cultural performances like a theatre, spaces for dance, theatre, circus, and music. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Valparaiso zoo.

3. Baburizza Palace

Address: Monte Alegre 132, Valparaíso, Chile.

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This Italian architectural wonder was built in 1916 as a residence of renowned businessmen Pascual Baburizza. Due to the unique features, this Palace is declared as a National monument. It also houses a museum with popular art collections of European and Chilean artists.

4. Plaza Sotomayor

Address: Valparaíso, Chile.

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This is a popular public square in Valparaiso where you can see an array of buildings with stunning architecture, a monument that is dedicated to the sailors who died in the war of Pacific. The surrounding buildings are listed as a National Historic District.

5. La Sebastiana

Address: Ricardo de Ferrari 692, Valparaíso, Chile.

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This is another historic building in Valparaiso which becomes popular as the residence of famous poet Pablo Neruda. It is situated on a hilltop with amazing beauty of surroundings. Presently it houses a museum with his personal artifacts, old maps, paintings, etc.

6. Ascensor Reina Victoria

Address: Paseo Dimalow S/N, Valparaíso, Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso, Chile.

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This amazing funicular is named after Queen Victoria and the views from the top are really stunning. It was built in 1902 at Concepcion hill and later declared as a National monument. You can enjoy a slow ride which will take you to Cerro Alegre and Paseo Dimalow with amazing scenic views.

7. Cerro Alegre

Address: Urriola 678, Valparaíso, Chile.

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This is a mythical mountain in Valparaiso which is surrounded by colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, street arts, restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries, churches, etc. El Peral elevators were constructed between 1883 and 1911 which will take you to this colorful town.

8. Playa Torpederas

Address: Altamirano 22100, Valparaíso, Chile.

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If you want to enjoy some relaxing moments with your family, this is the perfect space. Things you can enjoy here are swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, fishing, etc.

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