Exploring The Land Of Lithuania

This is a beautiful Baltic State with old towns, castles, museums, heritage sites, cathedrals, architectural wonders, tall structures and many more.

1. The Hill of Crosses

Address: Jurgaičiai 81439, Lithuania.

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Here you will be surprised by seeing thousands of verities of crosses and rosaries from small to large made with wood and metal. Hill of Crosses is situated very near to the city of Siauliai. This is a popular pilgrimage site in Lithuania. It is believed that the first cross was found after 1981 Upraising.

2. Vilnius

Address: Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania is different from its baroque architecture. Here you can find an Old Town which is listed in UNESCO World Heritage site, cobblestoned streets, neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral, sacred Virgin Mary icon, the Presidential Palace, Jewish quarters, Gediminas Tower.

3. Trakai

Address: Trakai, Lithuania.

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This is a popular historical town in Lithuania and highest attractions of this city include Trakai Historical National Park- the amazing natural beauty and middle you can find an Island Castle surrounded by Lake Galve, and the castle now functions as Trakai History museum with exhibitions of coins & crafts, archaeological exhibits, etc.

4. Gate of Dawn

Address: Aušros Vartų g. 14, Vilnius 01303, Lithuania.

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This city gate is situated in the capital city of Lithuania; Vilnius. It was constructed during the 1500s as a part of defensive fortifications and this is the only city gates remaining over here. This becomes a historical as well as a cultural monument of the city.

5. Panevėžys Cathedral

Address: Katedros a. 1, Panevėžys 35231, Lithuania.

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This is a popular Roman Catholic pilgrim site in Lithuania. The church is dedicated to Christ the King. It has a combination of both Baroque and neo- classical architecture styles. It has three naves, chapels, decorated ceilings, and wooden doors that are worth to watch.

6. Vilnius TV Tower

Address: Sausio 13-osios g. 10, Vilnius 04347, Lithuania.

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Take a visit to the tallest structure in Lithuania. This is an amazing tower with 326m and you can find SC Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre over here.

7. St.Anne’s Church

Address: Maironio g. 8, Vilnius 01124, Lithuania.

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This Roman Catholic Church is situated on the banks of the Vilnia River in the Old City of Vilnius. This Church is the best example of Gothic architecture. You can find traditional Gothic elements used for construction, two towers, one nave and neo-Gothic bell tower from here.

8. Palanga Amber Museum

Address: Vytauto g. 17, Palanga 00135, Lithuania.

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This museum was opened in 1963 as a division of the Art Museum of Lithuania. This museum building was a previous Tiškevičiai Palace of 19th century surrounded by a beautiful garden. It houses more than 28,000 pieces of amber with inclusions of plants, insects, and spiders.

9. Raudonė Castle

Address: Pilies gatvė 1, Raudonė 74456, Lithuania.

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This was a residential castle of the 19th century and presently serving as a school building. This castle is the best example of neo-Gothic architecture. You can also visit an Old park with a legendary oak tree within it. If you are interested to climb up the top of the tower, you can enjoy the panoramic views of surrounding natural beauty.

10. National Museum of Lithuania

Address: Arsenalo g. 1, Vilnius 01143, Lithuania.

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This museum is the best way to understand more about the history of Lithuania. This museum was opened in 1952 where you can find various monuments, structures, artifacts, written materials and documents which tell you the story of history, culture, and tradition of Lithuania.

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