Exploring The Natural Beauty Of Idukki

Idukki is the Queen of Kerala with a lot of natural attractions. It has amazing hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, lakes, green valleys, cool-climate etc to explore. The top 10 must-visit attractions in Idukki are:

1. Munnar

Well, Munnar is known as the Kashmir of South India, no wonder by calling so. Such a beautiful hill station stands like a Queen of Kerala. Munnar got its name because it is the point where 3 rivers meet & situated around 1600ft above sea level in the Western Ghats Mountain range. It is one of the favorite tourist & honeymoon destinations in the World. Every twelve years the mountain ranges look blue color due to the blooming of Neelakurinji flowers, rare scenery. The nearest tourist destinations are Devikulam, Mattupetty, Pallivasal, pothamadu, etc.

2. Thekkady

Another amazing tourist destination in Idukki District is Thekkady. It is an all-time favorite tourist spot in Kerala. The very famous Periyar National Park is situated here and home to herds, elephants, tigers, lion-tailed macaques, and Nilgiri langurs. This is an evergreen forest and while boating, you can see the pictures like elephants and deer are coming down to drink in the lake. This location is famous for trekking too and the nearest tourist attractions are Mangala Devi Temple, Murikady Coffee plantations, Ramakalmedu, Vandiperiyar, and Pattumalai Hill areas.

3. Vagamon

Welcome to the Scotland of India, situated 1100m above sea level in Idukki District. This beautiful hill station is famous for trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, and paragliding. The cool climate and the endless beauty of mountain ranges and valleys seek everyone's attention. A variety of flowers, pine forests, waterfalls, tea estates, mist, and fogs are some of the reasons that makes this place a favorite tourist destination in Kerala. The popular destinations you should not miss here are wild Orchid Park, Marmala Waterfall, Honeymoon cave, Shivaganga waterfalls, Kurishumala Asram, etc

4. Peerumedu

Don't wonder, Idukki District is rich with a number of popular and beautiful Hill stations. It lies 915 meters above sea level and popular for wonderful rolling hills, streams, waterfalls, and landscapes. Peerumedu was once a summer refreshment location of Travancore Palace. This is a land of spices. You can find here a lot of tea, coffee, cardamom, and coconut plantations. The famous Periyar wild Life Sanctuary is situated here and contains a lot of elephants and wildlife.

5. Thommankuthu Waterfalls

This is a beautiful waterfall in Idukki District which is named after a tribal leader, Thomman. This is a seven-step waterfall because when the waterfalls down it forms into seven steps. The area is surrounded by amazing natural beauty and you can enjoy bathing, swimming, trekking, climbing, boating, fishing and hiking.

6. Idukki Arch Dam

This is a must-visit attraction in Idukki. The dam is situated in between Kuravan and Kurathi Mala. This is the first arch dam in Asia and the second one in the World. It built across the longest River in Kerala, Periyar. It stands 550ft tall and 650 ft width and this is a major hydroelectric power station in Kerala.

7. Meesapulimala

This is a beautiful hill in Idukki which is very popular for hiking & trekking. This is the highest peak in the Idukki district with an elevation of 2640meters. While trekking, you can enjoy the amazing scenic views of grasslands, rainforests, lakes, etc.

8. Hill View Park

This is another attraction for visitors in Idukki. This park is located between the Idukki Arch dam and Cheruthoni dam. The park spreads around 8 kilometers and you can find herbal gardens, charming lakes with boat riding, playgrounds for kids, chances to meet deer, bison and wild elephants in their natural habitats.

9. Ramakkalmedu

Ramakkalmedu is another visitor attraction and the site received its name because there can be viewed the feet of Lord Rama on the base of a tall rock over here while he was in search of Sita Devi. This is a popular hill station chosen by the visitor for sunrise watching with breath-taking hilltop views.

10. Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary spreads around 77 sq. km with attractions of rich flora and fauna. The sanctuary consists of different forest eco-systems like tropical evergreen trees, semi-evergreen forests, meadows etc and you can find birds and animals like jungle cats, bears, elephants, gaur, boar, deer, wild dogs, kingfisher, myna, jungle fowl, black bulbul, etc.

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