Faroe Islands- The Land Of Wonders Of Nature

Of course, Faroe Island is a wonderland for visitors. It amazes you with its number of natural settings. There are so many hiking trails, waterfalls, beautiful lakes, rock formations on water, charming villages, boat trips, and the list never ends. Here is the list of some of the must-visit places in Faroe Island which will make your journey more convenient.

1. Fossa Waterfall

Address: Faroe Islands.

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Fossa Waterfall Photo

Take a visit to the highest waterfalls in the Faroe Islands; Fossa. It falls 140meters down to the sea in two parts. This popular tourist natural spot is located near Haldarsvik village and the east of Streymoy Island. The view is so stunning and wondering and the surrounding is filled with greenery, definitely, you will love this place.

2. Sorvagsvatn

Address: Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

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Sorvagsvatn Photo

Lake Sorvagsvatn is the largest and most beautiful calm lake in Faroe. The lake is situated on the Island of Vagar and very close to the ocean. The size of this lake is 3.4 square kilometers and hundreds of meters above sea level. There is a controversy still existing in the name of the lake among local people.

3. Duvugaroar National Museum

Address: 6 Brekkutún, Hoyvík 188, Faroe Islands.

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Duvugaroar National Museum Photo

Anciently Duvugaroar was a king's farmhouse and now turned to a National heritage museum now. This 300 years old farmhouse is a popular tourist attraction now in Faroe Island. By visiting the museum you will get an understanding of the lifestyles of the ancient period over here.

4. Mykines

Address: Mykines, Faroe Islands.

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Mykines Photo

Here you can find the largest gathering of Puffins especially summer season, the most attractive thing you can enjoy in Faroe Island. Also, you can take a walk to the lighthouse from where you can enjoy the natural sceneries at its best. The highest peak in the island is Knukur with a height of 560 meters and you can reach any point of the island through a boat trip.

5. Saskun

Address: Tórshavn, Faroe Islands.

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Saskun Photo

This is a perfect village for a fine day trip in Faroe. The interesting things to watch over here are a beautiful lagoon, waterfalls, turf houses, a church museum. Saskun is situated on the island of Streymoy.

6. Gjogv

Address: Dalavegur 20, Gjógv FO-476, Faroe Islands.

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Gjogv Photo

Another picture square village like in movies in Faroe. The highest attraction in this village is the colorful houses on the green valley. This name received by the village from a 200-meter long gorge over there and used as a harbor for many centuries.

7. Kallur Lighthouse

Address: Kalsoy, Faroe Islands, Faroe Islands.

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Kallur Lighthouse Photo

This is a popular hiking spot in the Faroe Islands. The hike to Kallur lighthouse will take nearly 40 minutes from Trollanes village and through a ferry trip, you can reach island Kalsoy. This is one of the easiest hikes in Faroe region and from the top, you can relax and enjoy the natural beauty at its maximum.

8. Vestmanna Sea Cliffs

Address: Faroe Islands.

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Vestmanna Sea Cliffs Photo

The highest attraction of Vestmanna village is the sea cliffs. Vestmanna is considered as the second largest settlement in Streymoy Island and large numbers of people are coming to visit this natural settlement. Either you can drive or get bus services from Torshavn.

9. Geituskorardrangur

Address: Faroe Islands,Denmark,Europe.

Geituskorardrangur Photo

Another natural wonder on Vagar Island with a height of 116 meters below sea level. Hiking lovers must definitely visit this place because in order to reach over here you need to take a hike with one hour along Lake Leitisvatn. There are places to relax on the rocky grounds and to enjoy the natural beauty.

10. Drangarnir Boat Tour

Address: Drangarnir, Faroe Islands.

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Drangarnir Boat Tour Photo

This is the most interesting boat trip that you can enjoy over here. The guided boat tours start from Sorvagur harbor throughout the year. You can enjoy the stunning views of Drangarnir sea stacks and there is an iconic hole if the climate is favorable for you can pass through that hole, definitely a thrilling experience for you.

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