Festival Of Colors - Holi In India

Holi is the most colourful festival in India. It is considered as a Hindu religious festival mainly in India and spread across Asia. It is celebrated in the month of Phalgun (March) as per Hindu calendar. This festival of love is beautiful with the spring season. There are some wonderful facts about Holi.

1. 10 things about Holi you would like to know

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10 things about Holi you would like to know Photo

1. Holi is a National Holiday in India and Nepal.
2. On this day Kids and youth spray different colour powders on each other is the most attraction of this festival.
3. Holi is considered as a symbol of success of Virtue over Evil as per Hindu Purana.
4. On the evening of Holi, people gather together around the fire and sing and dance is called as Holika Dahan.
5. In 17th Century Holi is celebrated as the recalling of good harvest and agriculture.
6. In Hindu traditions, Holi is considered as a day to forgive each other and make new friends.
7. As it celebrated in the beginning of spring season, considered as start of New Year.
8. In Uttar Pradesh, especially in Mathura and Vrindavan, Holi is celebrating to remember the divine love of Krishna and Radha.
9. Holi is greatly associated with Lord Vishnu and Prahlada, his Follower.
10. People share food.

2. More about Holi

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1.Shops are ready to sell Colours and sweets on this special day.
2.People are celebrating this day with utmost happiness.
3.The Major attraction in Mathura is women hit man with sticks for funny is called as "Lattmaar".
4.In West Bengal "Holi" is named as "Basant Utsav", celebrating by welcoming spring season.
5.In Haryana, Holi is called as 'Dulandi Holi' and in Maharashtra this celebration is called as 'Rangpanchami'.

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