Foliage Views In Oregon

Oregon is a coastal state of the US and the popular factors that attract visitors to this charming state are the pristine beaches, breath-taking mountains, lush forests, microbreweries, boutiques, farm-to-table restaurants, etc. And in the autumn season, Oregon becomes more beautiful with fall foliage views.

1. Portland Japanese Garden

Address: 611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205, United States.

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Portland Japanese Garden Photo

This Japanese model garden spreads around 5.5 acres and a popular visiting center in Oregon. This is the first garden in a Japanese model in the US. The total garden is divided into 5 attractive sections and various species of flowers you can find here. Also, you can relax some moments by enjoying the beauty of waterfalls, mountains and the fragrance of flowers throughout the garden and unlimited foliage views.

2. Cannon Beach

Address: Cannon Beach, OR, USA.

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Cannon Beach Photo

Cannon Beach in Oregon attracts visitors with its crystal clear waters and white sand stretches. The highest attraction of this beach is the Haystack Rock which is the highest among other coastal rocks. Also, there are a number of leaf-peeping views you can enjoy here. Ecola State Park on the north of this beach fascinates you with stunning landscapes and an attractive lighthouse. South covers Arcadia beach, a great picnic spot and you can find a number of tide pools. There are traditional style restaurants, cafes, boutiques etc you can find over here.

3. Washington Park

Address: 4033 SW Canyon Rd, Portland, OR 97221, United States.

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Washington Park Photo

This is an attractive public park in Portland. The Park attracts visitors with foliage views in the autumn season. The park maintains completely eco-friendly surrounding a perfect natural space for visitors. You can visit the Shakespeare Garden, forestry museum, zoo, children?s museum, arboretum, memorials, rose garden, amphitheater, archery range, etc.

4. Silver Falls

Address: 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385, United States.

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Silver Falls Photo

You can enjoy thrilling hiking to reach this fall in Silver Falls State Park. Definitely you will love the beauty of nature, especially in autumn season. The trees become red, yellow and orange shade leaves and capture the beauty of falls surrounded by leaf peeping views in your camera.

5. Leif Erikson Trail

Address: NW Leif Erikson Dr, Portland, OR, USA.

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Leif Erikson Trail Photo

If you are a nature lover, don?t miss this trial opportunity. This trial offers you some of the best spots of leaf-peeping spots in Oregon. Enjoy the seasonal changes of leaves from here.

6. Steens Mountain

Address: Steens Mountain, Oregon 97721, USA.

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Steens Mountain Photo

This is a popular camping spot in Oregon while enjoying the beauty of nature. You can do moderate hiking to reach the top of this summit and enjoy the panoramic views of colorful valleys in this autumn season.

7. Sweet Creek Trail

Address: Sweet Creek Rd, Mapleton, OR 97453, United States.

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Sweet Creek Trail Photo

This would be a memorable trial for you in this autumn season. A nature trail will lead you to Sweet Creek falls and throughout the way you can enjoy a number of waterfalls and foliage views. The sweet creek trial includes four parts and the falls will be more beautiful with decorated colorful leaves.

8. McKenzie River

Address: McKenzie River, Oregon, USA.

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McKenzie River Photo

The things you can explore here are McKenzie River National Recreation Trail and you can find both sides of the river would be rich with oak trees, maples etc and when autumn comes it would be more attractive with red, orange and yellow shaded leaves.

9. Mirror Pond

Address: Portland, OR 97205, United States.

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Mirror Pond Photo

The most beautiful thing you can enjoy in Mirror Pond is its crystal clear water and surrounding views of leaf-peeping and its reflection in the pond.

10. Schmidt Family Vineyards

Address: 330 Kubli Rd, Grants Pass, OR 97527, United States.

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Schmidt Family Vineyards Photo

You can enjoy the beauty of vineyards and its cultivation process from here along with the foliage views. It offers picnic grounds, kitchen and all other amenities for visitors.

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