Grenada - Land Of Spices

Well, Grenada is popularly known as 'Land of Spices' because they are the largest producer and exporters of crops like nutmeg and mace. This Caribbean country formed earlier as an underwater volcano. It is made up of 3 larger islands. It has beautiful islands, historic sites, beautiful landscapes, and deep-sided valleys. Let's explore the beauty of Grenada. Here is the list of Historic sites in Grenada.

1. Belmont Estate

Address: St Patrick's, Grenada.

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Belmont Estate Photo

This well- known estate is located near the St. George Island. Belmont Estate was set up in 17 the Century and has tied up with Grenada Chocolate Company and producing the perfect dark organic chocolates. Visitors are allowed to understand the making process and can take a tour of the estate.

2. Dougaldston Estate

Address: Grenada.

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Dougaldston Estate Photo

Take a visit to the oldest spice plantation in Grenada located near St. George Island is a popular tourist destination. Here you can find old nutmeg plantations and have facilities to buy the fine quality spices, can take a visit to process areas and beautiful plantations.

3. Westerhall Rum Distillery

Address: Grenada.

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Westerhall Rum Distillery Photo

Westerhall Rum Distillery is producing some of the award-winning rums that has a big local and international market. Making high-quality rum is the motto of this company. You can get a bus to tour the Estate and able to see the amazing plantations and processing areas. This is located in St. David's.

4. River Antonie Rum Distillery

Address: River Antoine, Grenada.

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River Antonie Rum Distillery Photo

This is the oldest and still functioning Distillery in the Caribbean itself. This is one of the historic sites in Grenada and surrounded by the beauty of nature. They have stated Rum manufacturing since 1785 on the Northern Parish of St. Patrick's. Here you can enter into the Rum museum and understand the old methods of making processes.

5. Fort George

Address: Grand Etang Road, St George's, Grenada.

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Fort George Photo

This is a must visit a historic site in Grenada, which was built in the 17th century. This is situated around 175ft. above St. George's Harbour. This fort played an important role in economic, political and military activities of ancient Grenada. Fort Royal was the old name of Fort George.

6. Grenada National Museum

Address: Young Street, St George's, Grenada.

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Grenada National Museum Photo

Grenada National Museum was opened to the public in 1976. This was used as a prison for female inmates until 1880. This Museum displays exhibits and historical artifacts about Grenada. This building has a merchant warehouse and 3 hotels.

7. Fort Frederick

Address: Richmond Hill, Grenada.

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Fort Frederick Photo

Another must visit a historic site in Grenada is Fort Frederick and you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries of Island and ocean. One of the top attraction of this Island is you can take a cruise to the Annandale waterfall. This fort is situated on the top of Richmond Hill and one of the favorite tourist destinations due to its natural beauty.

8. Gouyave Nutmeg Factory

Address: Gouyave, Grenada.

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Gouyave Nutmeg Factory Photo

This is one of the largest Nutmeg factories in Grenada situated in Gouyave. You will get the facilities for factory tours and get knowledge about the manufacturing process. Gouyave is also known as 'Nutmeg village'.

9. The Tower Estate

Address: The Tower, St. Paul's, St. George's, Grenada.

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The Tower Estate Photo

This Estate is located in the St.Goerge's Parish and maintained a large variety of plants includes fruits, spices, and floral gardens. Here you can take a tour of the different plantations. It has been associated with Slinger Family. You can also participate in special events are conducting for guests.

10. Mt. Rich Carib Stone Interpretation Stone

Address: Mt.Rich, Grenada.

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Mt. Rich Carib Stone Interpretation Stone Photo

This is a favorite location for Archaeological lovers and situated on the St. Patrick's parish. Here you can find a huge collection of petroglyphs and many boulders and two work stones. Archaeologists are doing several observations about the rock arts.

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