Israel - The Holy Land

No wonder for calling Israel as Holy land, both Christianity and Judaism originated from here. For believers, it is a sacred place because this is the birthplace of Jesus. Jerusalem is considered holy land in Israel for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Israel becomes one of the largest Pilgrim locations for believers across the World. Well apart from this divinity, there are some beautiful things to explore in Israel.

1. Old city of Jerusalem

Address: Old City, Jerusalem.

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Old city of Jerusalem Photo

Since the 1981 Old City of Jerusalem included in UNESCO World Heritage site. This city is well known for historical buildings and pilgrim points. Major one's are: a) Temple Mount: Holy land for Muslims located in the Hill area. b) Church of the Holy Sepulchre: Another holy point, Jesus was crucified here. c) Western Wall: Limestone wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. d) Dome of the Rock: Another Muslim pilgrim Centre located here. And a walk to streets of the Old City of Jerusalem definitely surprises you.

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