Magical Islands Of Mediterranean Sea

Definitely a travel through the magical islands of Mediterranean Sea would be a fresh experience for you. It has number of long white sand beaches, breath ?taking mountains, number of outdoor activities, traditional villages and cobbled streets etc. Here are the details of the top 10 Mediterranean islands to explore on your family vacation.

1. Santorini Island, Greece

Address: Santorini, Greece.

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Santorini Island, Greece Photo

Santorini is an Island included in Thira regional unit, Greece. The largest volcanic eruptions happened in this Island once. This Island is voted as the most beautiful Islands in the World. There are some beautiful places should not miss: Kamari, Perissa, Pyrgos, Akrothiri- is a famous archaeological site, Phira etc. It is a land of small wine industry where you get Athiri and Aidani wines. This Island is Notable with its stunning architecture.

2. Capri Island, Italy

Address: Capri, Metropolitan City of Naples, Italy.

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Capri Island, Italy Photo

Capri Island is a popular tourist destination in bay of Naples. This island has beautiful mountain views, landscapes and stunning beaches. Blue- cave grotto is an interesting point here to visit where sea glows like in electric blue colour due to underwater sunlight. You can also enjoy number of shopping points, restaurants and resorts reasonably.

3. Brac Island, Croatia

Address: Bra─Ź, Croatia.

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Brac Island, Croatia Photo

Brac is the largest Island in Adriatic Sea and looks so attractive due to its shape. It has beautiful pebble beaches and crystal clear water that makes so interesting for surfing, kayaking and diving. Another attraction is Vidova Gora, the highest peak in Brac Island with 778m. And don?t miss to take a spoon of Olive oil, a rare one named ?buhavica?, which is very healthy and add taste of your dishes.

4. Hvar Island, Croatia

Address: Hvar, Croatia.

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Hvar Island, Croatia Photo

The most interesting things you can enjoy In Hvar Islands are pebbled beaches, 13th century walls, hilltop fortress, boat tours to nearby islands and a renaissance ?era Cathedral etc. This is the sunniest spot in the Croatia and also you can find some elegant restaurants, classic hotels, party spots and beach bars.

5. Corfu Island, Greece

Address: Corfu, Greece.

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Corfu Island, Greece Photo

Corfu is the best Ionian Islands with pristine beaches and surrounding natural beauty. Corfu Town is the largest town in this Island with ultramodern facilities. You can find white sandy and pebbled beaches on the North and South part of this Island respectively. Another interesting thing to do here is visiting a nearby fishing village called Benitses, very old village. Spring is the best season to visit Corfu Islands and number of water sports and outdoor activities are waiting for you.

6. Mykonos, Greece

Address: Chontros Gremos, Mikonos 846 00, Greece.

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Mykonos, Greece Photo

This is a luxurious island in Greece and mostly used as a summer party destination. It has golden sand beaches and turquoise water and so many things to enjoy on the surrounds of this Island. The popular water sports activities you can enjoy here includes wind surfing, diving, spot fishing, boat riding, snorkeling etc. Another point of visit is the Capital of this island; Hora, where you are able to see white marble narrow streets, white washed houses, churches etc, Maritime museum, archaeological sites, a castle on the harbour etc.

7. Cala Cap Roig, Girona, Spain

Address: 17252 Calonge, Girona, Spain.

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Cala Cap Roig, Girona, Spain Photo

This island is popular with its rock formations and divides into two beaches. The clear waters, pine trees and white sand make the views of the beach amazing. This is a popular diving site and you can enjoy the underground beauty due to the clear blue water. For refreshing and meet your dining needs good restaurants also you can find there.

8. Poliegos, Greece

Address: Polyaigos, Kimolos 840 04, Greece.

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Poliegos, Greece Photo

Poliegos is the largest inhabited island near Milos Island in Greece excites you with its magnificent beaches. The highest attractions are blue water, white sand caves and rock formations from the sea. You can take boat tours for enjoying the marine beauty and restaurants are resorts are available nearby beach for a comfortable stay.

9. Formentera, Spain

Address: Formentera, Balearic Islands, Spain.

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Formentera, Spain Photo

Even though the island is small, it has number of magnificent things to offer for visitors. The island is very popular for white sand beaches, sand dunes and row of pine trees. You can reach this island through ferry service also you will get boat service to the nearby island Ibiza. You can enjoy water sports activities like swimming, snorkeling, diving, boat trips etc over here. The nightlife over here is so colourful and has restaurants which offer some of the best sea food dishes in the world.

10. Menorca, Spain

Address: Minorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

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Menorca, Spain Photo

This is a fabulous island in the Mediterranean Sea with tranquil water and endless white sand beaches. Lines pine trees, jumping cliffs on the side, light blue colour clear water etc add the beauty of these beaches. This is a popular summer destination in Spain. Also you can enjoy plenty of activities like Kayaking, hiking, diving, swimming, paddle boarding etc over here and you can take a short walk on the old towns of Menorca.

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