Morocco’s Popular Surfing Destinations

Here is the list of top 10 surfing destinations that you can explore in wonderful beaches of Morocco.

1. Banana Beach

Address: Hay Tihaouarine - Banana Beach، Agadir 80750, Morocco.

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This beach is situated in Banana village and got this name for its immense banana plantations. This beach is a favorite destination for surfers and advisable for experienced ones. It attracts surfers with long right-hander point break.

2. Devil’s Rock

Address: Tamraght, Morocco.

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This is an all-time favorite surfing destination for visitors with its consistent waves and this beach would be most crowded. Even though this beach is suitable to learn surfing lessons; it is advisable for all levels of surfers.

3. Anchor Point

Address: Anchor Point Morocco، N1, 80022, Morocco.

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This beach attracts visitors with long soft sand stretches and crystal clear waters. The waves are here is mostly consistent and it will work from 3ft up to 15ft. The surf break over here is classified into 3 sections under sand and rocky bottom and for the 3rd one, you can expect faster waves.

4. Desert Point

Address: Desert Point Surf House Moknari village, Tamri، Agadir 80502, Morocco.

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This beach is less crowded due to its inconsistent and dangerous waves. It creates a perfect wave and popular for the right-hander point break.

5. Boiler’s Point

Address: Hash Point, Taghazout, Agadir, Morocco.

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This is one of the most photographed surfing destinations in Morocco. This site got this name because when the wave stated the first thing you can notice here is the boiler of a ship. It has amazing right-hander and strong waves and advisable for expert surfers. The waves start at 6ft and go up to long 400m.

6. Essaouria Beach

Address: Essaouira, Morocco.

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This is an amazing beach which suits beginners and intermediaries. It has small and consistent waves and soft sand bottoms. When it is close to the port, you can enjoy big surfs and when goes near to the lighthouse, enjoy small surfs.

7. Panoramas

Address: Ait Ibrirne, (Ait Youl), Aït Ibrirene 45150, Morocco.

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This point attracts surfers with soft sand bottom and right-hander breaks. During the high tide, this beach is advisable for beginners. When the waves started working for more than 5ft, it becomes more fast and suitable for intermediaries.

8. Killers Point

Address: Hash Point, Taghazout, Agadir, Morocco.

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This is the best point break in the entire Taghazout area. The beach got this name from often it spots killer whales. In small swells, the peak in front of the cliff has a short left and sectioning towards right. When the swells increase, the take-off area moves south & powerful.

9. Tamri Beach

Address: N1, Tamri 80502, Morocco.

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This is an amazing surfing destination for both locals as well as visitors. It attracts surfers with consistent waves. The tides are working depending on the sandbanks and the swells. This beach is suitable for all levels of surfers.

10. Mysteries

Address: Production Office, 315 Madison Ave #901, New York, NY 10017, United States.

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This point situates north to the Anchor point and is popular for right-hander point breaks. The waves are considered as most rippable in this area and suitable for intermediaries as well as experts.

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