Must-visit Attractions In Stockholm, Sweden

This Capital city of Sweden has so much to offer for visitors like charming islands, Old towns, royal palaces, several museums, Christmas special celebrations, amusement parks and so on.

1. Vasa Museum

While visiting Vasa Museum, you will be able to understand the cultural and artistic background of Stockholm. The unique character of this Museum is they are preserving the 17th-century ship in the World decorated with numerous sculptures. This is the most visited museum in Scandinavia.

2. Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan is a beautiful old town attracting visitors with its North German architecture. While taking a walk you can notice the cobbled streets and medieval alleyways. A lot of things are there to visit includes the Stockholm stock exchange building, Nobel Museum, Stockholm Cathedral, Royal palace, etc.

3. Djurgarden

This is one of the top attractions of Stockholm includes many historical buildings, beautiful islands, amusement parks, monuments, museums, and landscaped gardens and museums. This is one of the best destinations to enjoy during summer and enjoy the surrounding unlimited greeneries and scenic views.

4. Sigtuna

Sigtuna is located in Sigtuna Municipality, Stockholm Country, Sweden. It is generally known for the stone ruins of St. Peter's, St. Olaf's and St. Lawrence's medieval churches. During the Christmas season, the town becomes more beautiful since holiday markets raise all over the city, selling fragrant goodies and local handicrafts. This town has a wide range of cafes, stores, hotels and restaurants, and a beautiful museum.

5. Globe Arena

The Globe Arena is in Stockholm. It is the largest spherical building on Earth, it is opened in 1989. The building shaped like a white large ball, which represents the sun in Sweden. This city serves as a venue for concerts and national and international indoor sports events. To the outside of the Globe Arena, there is Sky view which is an inclined elevator that transports the visitors to the top of the Arena for the clear view of Stockholm.

6. Christmas Celebrations

Address: Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm would be filled with soft snows during Christmas season and this is a cute site to celebrate your Christmas traditionally. It has beautiful Christmas markets where you will get special foods, drinks, gift and craft items, etc. And you can find tallest Christmas trees in the World over here; Skeppsbron Christmas Tree, enjoy Christmas window displays and as it is winter season you can enjoy Ice Skating also from here.

7. Royal Palace

Take a visit to one of the largest palaces in Europe. This is the official residence of His Majesty the King of Sweden and some areas have public access. You will be surprised by its stunning architecture and interior decorations. The palace is made of sandstone and bricks and has copper-covered roofing.

8. ABBA Museum

This museum was opened in 2013 where you will get an interactive exhibition about popular band ABBA. You can find most of the ABBA’s works in a contemporary setting in this museum. Popular attractions are The Folk Park, The Polar studio, Audio guides, Ring Ring, Benny’s Piano, and waterloo.

9. Stockholm City Hall

This City Hall where functions the municipal council for Stockholm. It overlooks the islands of Riddarholmen and Sodermalm. Popular attractions of this City Hall tours are Nobel Prize banquet and Tower Bell.

10. Grona Lund Amusement Park

This would be a favorite destination for your children. This historic amusement park is located in Kungliga Djurgarden Island. People of all age groups have something to enjoy over here. You can explore water rides, roller coasters, thrilling rides of kids and adults and it conducts various events and celebrations.

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